We know we don’t have to tell our subbies they need to groom themselves everyday, like the men seem to need to be told. So if that's something you wish to do, I'm all ears. Or a sudden mood shift for no reason, and without warning. 15. r/femaledatingstrategy at reddit.com. The minute you slip on this stuff in the first 3months, his fangs may come out. TLDR: female dating strategy is not a self-improvement sub at all. You cannot expect the rules and vibes that existed 15, 10 or even 5 years ago. Disclaimer: I’m a woman and this sub disgusts me. Remaining celibate and leveling up in all other areas of my life is making me feel so strong right now. Both love to talk negatively about the opposite sex, while failing to take accountability. 13. I briefly dated a guy in December and I felt a very strong connection. Click to expand... Strong One I live only for revenge-Joined Aug 14, 2020 Posts 656 Online 18d 15h 26m. Attractive men are all cads and womanizers so it’s better to focus on nerdy shy guys. No man is perfect, you have to work hard to help him reach his potential. 16. Dating, sex and expectations have changed so much. There are thousands of webpages dedicated to finding and fixing the most minuscule of physical flaws you can imagine, there’s no need to waste space on it here. It’s super toxic. HVM is upfront but can emotionally self regulate and knows not to emotionally burden you- especially if he is new. Reddit’s Female Dating Strategy offers women advice — and a strict rulebook for how to act. Sep 7, 2020 #26 radishman said: According to them simple being a woman makes them high value. magenta_mojo 5h44m. So you need to be watching for these signs- a HVM is going to pass these tests v smoothly giving you no room for doubt & an LVM is going to crack & make you question his intentions. 14. If you don’t have sex right away with a HVM you’ll lose him because what you won’t do another girl will. Just look at their app messages! Every woman has been bombarded with images and messages about her body since birth. Context: A discussion with an LVM whose partner is frustrated in their relationship, wants him to change, and is this [] close to leaving. Female Dating Strategy is proof giving women rights was a mistake. They’d likely refer to me as a “pick me” woman who devalues high value women by not adhering to the female dating strategy. Especially since I’m the breadwinner and therefore my husband is a low value male in their eyes. Women are naturally monogamous, only men need variety .