3. Irrational Functions Multiply and divide by the conjugate. “The infinity of space” synonyms: endlessness, infinitude, infiniteness, boundlessness, limitlessness, unlimitedness, extensiveness, vastness, immensity; infinite distance “She stared out into the infinity of space” MATHEMATICS A number greater than any assignable quantity or countable number (symbol ∞). 2. Because you can also calculate ∞ − 2 = ∞ and then you would get ∞ − ∞ = 2 . Infinity is not a number, and has no fixed value. Infinity Minus Infinity 1. I don't know of any context where infinity minus 1 wouldn't make sense, but infinity minus 2 would. I found an answer from www.quora.comWhat is infinity minus infinity? The calculation ∞ − 1 = ∞ shows this. Rational Functions Reduce to a common denominator. Because of this, there are ...For more information, see What is infinity minus infinity? In each case, I took away an identical number of coins from an identical number of coins, and came up with contradictory results. In mathematics, the affinely extended real number system is obtained from the real number system ℝ by adding two elements: + ∞ and − ∞ (read as positive infinity and negative infinity respectively), where the infinities are treated as actual numbers. - QuoraMathematical equations with infinity are not impossible to do. However, one must remember that infinity is not able to be exhausted. In some of those, infinity minus 1 can make sense and in some of those it doesn't really. So infinity minus infinity is three. The limit is ± ∞ (depending on the sign of the coefficient of highest degree). Polynomial Functions Remove the common factor with the greatest exponent. It can have any value (also zero) and is therefore undefined. - Quora but that is incorrect. "Infinity" can refer to many different concepts in many different contexts. You could write ∞ − ∞ = 1 . Infinity minus infinity is another type of Indeterminate Form that you must rewrite the given equation. In fact, you can subtract infinity from infinity and get any answer from zero to infinity. I understand that we need to rationalize when we have infinity minus infinity like here $\lim_{x\to \infty}\left(\sqrt{x^2 + 1} - \sqrt{x^2 + 2}\right)$ My question is why can I not just split the