Conclusion: Is BarkBox Worth It? I had a toy my dogs both destroyed in minutes and after a quick message to the people at Barkbox we got a free replacement. 6 min read Every box has at least: Outside of this formula, every BarkBox is a mystery – and that’s half the fun! Horrible customer service! What this told me is they don’t really match boxes with dogs or take the time to make notes to ensure they do not send the wrong products to dogs. I have discussed many factors above such as the number of items in a BarkBox, price, where the products are made, time for shipping, donations to charity, etc. I refuse to do business with companies that don’t value their customers enough to provide a decent level of service. It appears ALL the dog toys were made in China. Amber we are happy to take a look at this for you! If you live in the US, you might “break even”, but if you live in Canada, like I do, once you add in the exchange rate and additional shipping costs, you’re better to buy from your local pet retailer. Had to put a claim in with USPS who they use to ship to see if theft occurred or if this how they really package. That may mean replacing a toy or sending a different bag of treats, how awesome is that? All 4 dogs loved the toys and went crazy for the treats. Have a Birthday soon. However, I let her have the dragon from our Misters box. I am interested in getting a bark box for my English bully too! Thanks for sharing your experience. You would want to sign up for the large + we can mark your account for chewing. All you have to do is log into your paypal or credit card account, whichever you used, and go to the manage payment authorizations section to cancel any active recurring payment subscriptions you have. Hi Janet! Dogs have died from toys, food and treats from there.) Absolutely! For what I paid for this box the toys should last more then 10 minutes!! Meg Marrs is the Founder and Director of Marketing at K9 of Mine. And then they emailed me back promptly, however. Love them and love the fact that the first time I signed up I got a free Barkbox and a free premium toy for using promo code FREEBARKBOX4U. As I mentioned above, our one dog Bandit (the blue-merle Pomeranian) is a chewer, like a real jerk-of-a-chewer. We love BarkBox – we recently purchased one for our Husky, Milo! One toy, a stuffed cornucopia with mini squeaker toys inside was so dangerous, I threw it out immediately, as the mini squeaker toys were too small for even my friend’s 6 lb chi. © Copyright 2020 by K9 Of Mine / Marrsipan Media LLC |. I am so sorry that you have found it difficult to contact us! Because of the customer service, I wouldn’t reorder even when they offered a huge discount. Email me at [email protected] so we can take care of this for you. Do you have a friend who has a dog (or multiple dogs?) ,However it is automatic renewal everyyear,cancelling will stop next year! I am involved in a very large dog sports community, and many of us have loved subscribing to Bark Box. I see all these ,complaints I considered getting bark box ,but if anyone read fine print …when you sign up ,they auto magically charge you for the entire term …268. I just wanted to TRY it for one month. You put in your dog’s name then get to chose your dogs size (small, medium or large. Went in and cancelled for August and so will see if I receive another box. Each BarkBox comes with 2 toys, 2 full-sized bags of treat and a chew. Yesterday we got our very first Barkbox and was extremely disappointed. on Is BarkBox Really Worth It? Nice review! Keep it up :]. This review from Natasha Torcuato serves as a great look at one you can expect to find when you open a bark box. However, if you don’t usually spend $20-$30/month on dog treats and toys, BarkBox might not be a great deal for you. Very disappointed and going back to just giving him cow bones. It was started in the USA and has approximately 600,000 subscribers. Subscriptions include free shipping, unless you live in Hawaii or Alaska (sorry guys, you’ll have to pay $5). Kathleen thank you for sharing your feedback and we have since made adjustments to our heavy chewer boxes. Hi Andrea – you should be able to find a 1 month option – it’s under the other subscription options.