All of this is to say that he can see the bigger picture. So how does a hot startup keep its edge? And if you’re going to take that… then that changes your perspective.”. We are inspired by companies like, say, Nintendo. But not only are they unresolved — indeed just this week, ahead of any proposed bans on Tencent properties and WeChat in particular, the U.S. government issued more clarification on how people are liable for using WeChat. It seems the most valuable lesson Paananen has learned, it turns out, is the thing that continues to be his top priority: building the right team for the long haul. The game is restarting, choose the option “Play without Supercell ID“. Hay Day; Clash of Clans; ... Our dream is to create games that are played by as many people as possible, enjoyed for years and remembered forever. Raeburn was one of the first hires at UK mobile developer Space Ape Games, and was a game lead on Samurai Siege and Rival Kingdoms. Fantastic Mindblowing Rush Wars Trailer!! The Helsinki-based mobile games … Similarly, Paananen is not overly concerned about the fact that its big hit, while still one of the highest-grossing apps globally, is getting on and slowly bringing in fewer revenues. Supercell is closing development for Rush Wars. Clash of Clans developer Supercell has invested $2.8 million in a new studio, 2UP Games. Later in the Q&A with viewers, Paananen said Supercell has no plans yet for anything in AR or VR, with a firm belief that mobile, and the mechanics of a touch screen, are the best for what it’s building. The Tencent issues in the U.S., he said, are something that the company is watching. “We are currently on the look-out for people from all around the world to join Supercell to build the best teams and then of course the best games,” he said. Supercell is his second big hit company: before that he founded Sumea, which was acquired by Digital Chocolate, where he became president in the now-defunct bigger studio’s heyday. Repeat: Push Supercell ID in Settings and choose “Create Account”. The Helsinki-based mobile games maker built an empire out of Clash of Clans, raking in tons of money and catching the eye of world-class investors and eventually a new strategic majority shareholder in the form of Tencent at a $10.2 billion valuation. Why not be the first to post one? In any case, Paananen said in the interview that he believes that Supercell doesn’t fall under the U.S. executive order to be shut down, because Tencent is only a shareholder, not a full owner. He’s still waiting to see how it all plays out. The start-up is based in New Zealand, but operates a remote-first model to allow staff to work from anywhere in the world. Return to the settings and push “Logout” below Supercell ID. Clash of Clans developer Supercell has invested $2.8 million in a new studio, 2UP Games. As you’ll see in the video below, Paananen is very sanguine and calm, which is to say quite Finnish, about a lot of this. It is now hiring its initial team. As part of this year’s virtual Disrupt, we sat down to talk with the company’s founder and CEO, Ilkka Paananen, about that and the other challenges and opportunities facing the company, and asked for his tips and opinion on spinning up and running startups in Europe today. Can game studios radically transform how they hire? Even without the experience thus far of Supercell under his belt, he has been in the industry for years. Visit and find out more about us and our games. We try to think in decades. The company has been building out its options, though, making about three investments a year in other gaming startups, and some full acquisitions of studios, to diversify the team and bring in more options for new games in the future. A new part is loaded; go to the settings to choose the Google Account or Game Center of your second game. “Our current understanding [is that] it’s about WeChat not Tencent as a whole,” he said, “and that it doesn’t apply to Tencent-invested companies like Supercell.” (Also: one of the good things to have come out of not getting fully acquired, it seems.). For Supercell specifically, its majority owner, Tencent, is in hot water in the U.S. (a major market for Supercell); and it’s sitting on a still-popular but now-ageing game franchise that you could argue is in the middle of its own Battle Royale against the many other big games that are vying for people’s attention (and spending power to keep playing and levelling up). There are no comments on this article yet. Apparently, Supercell isn't happy with how … It represents Supercell's first investment in the area. That was in 2016. In short, the company itself, now 10 years old, may itself be facing more existential questions of who are we now, and what comes next? Odyssey Interactive raises $6m to make impactful games for a new generation Co-founders Richard Henkel and Dax Andrus share their vision for a small, Supercell … Judging by the fact that Supercell has yet to follow up with another successful franchise, and has killed quite a few attempts in the meantime, the process to produce a hit, in fact, still seems to be as elusive to a company that has produced a hit already as it is to those that have not. Times are definitely not easy right now: all of us are living through a global health pandemic, and economies as a result of that are teetering; and there is an interesting sea change happening as gaming companies (along with other content makers) face off against big tech, where there’s a question of whether platforms or the games themselves have the upper hand. 2UP Games will specialise in co-operative games for mobile platforms that manage to achieve similar retention to games like Clash of Clans. Games. The studio was co-founded earlier this year by Joe Raeburn and Tim Knauf. Supercell's developer relations lead Jaakko Harlas said: "It's a privilege to be supporting 2UP Games on their mission to bring players across the world together around co-op gaming. 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"Everything we've done at Supercell has show that the ability to co-operate in games excites and engages players like nothing else, and is a key ingredient to building games for the ages.". Sign up for The Mobile newsletter and get the best of in your inbox. Mobile games maker Supercell has been one of the great, understated breakthroughs of the European startup world. Visit and find out more about us and our games.