do to help fix the problem. Lucknow Timing as follows: Ramadan times, today prayer time & as per Hanafi & Shafi. Lucknow. Very wrong timing. If you continue using our website, then you have agreed to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Iftar Time: IslamicFinder’s Ramadan Calendar 2020 gives you the Fasting times for Ramadan including Sehr schedule and Iftar timings for your country with complete details of Prayer Times. Subscribe to our e-newsletter today and receive latest news and updates about our products. Book reading is one of the most common hobby found among people of all age groups but carrying a book everywhere is difficult sometimes so we have designed this beautiful app for all Urdu Book lovers.  contact us. Find more information about Imamia Jantri is a comprehensive guide to your religious, social and marital matters. Sunni Jantri 2020 with Urdu Islamic Calendar 2020 Tags . Disclaimer: We make every effort to verify all information in but it’s always better to double consult from your local Mosque / Masjid. Ramadan Start: Apr 24, 2020 & Ramadan End: May 23, 2020. IslamicFinder © 2020. Follow your city's authentic Sehr o Iftar timings throughout the month of Ramadan 2016. timing is wrong of sehri nd iftar both.. sehri timing is around 3.50 am nd iftar timing is around 7.04pm in lucknow, Ys ..dis is nt correct... Lko timings r wrng mentiond. According to Fiqa Jafria Shia, Sehri Time is, Sunni Jantri 2020 with Urdu Islamic Calendar 2020 2.6 Update. We have updated our privacy policies according to CCPA and GDPR rules and regulations for Californian and EU citizens respectively. and Sehr Time: In the dialog that appears, scroll down to the "Location" You can also print and download this calendar and post it in your home or in your nearest mosque. Privacy Policies. With Islamicfinder’s Ramadan Calendar, you can easily change settings of the Fasting times to Fiqah Hanfi and Fiqah Jafaria (juristic method) as well as your calculation method using the settings icon above. The error may be corrected. Sometimes we might have trouble finding where you are located. Sunni Jantri 2020 is one of the most common Sunni Jantri used by people belonging to fiqah hanafi all over the world. Arafat Day & Shahadat of Hazrat Muslim (A.S) 10 Dhu Al Hijjah: Eid-ul-Adha: 15 Dhu Al Hijjah: Wiladat of 10th Imam Ali an-Naqi (A.S.) 18 Dhu Al Hijjah: Eid-e-Ghadeer: 22 Dhu Al Hijjah: Shahadat of the sons of Hazrat Muslim (A.S) 23 Dhu Al Hijjah: Shahadat of Meesam al … This is the city in Canada not the capital of Uttar Pradesh. Having your current location will help us to get you more accurate The Prayer Timings schedule is updated automatically, so you can always find the most authentic and accurate prayer timings and Ramadan Calendar 2020 for the month of Ramadan 2020. 1441 Islamic Hijri Imamia Jantri 2020 Download Here. 2020-06-30 *Added Sunni Jantri 2020. India Ramadan Timings 2020 Find Accurate Ramadan Calendar of India Cities, Ramzan Sehr o Iftar Timings and Sehri Iftari time for both Fiqa Hanafi (Sunni, Ahle Sunnat) and Fiqa Jafria (Shia, Ahle Tashi). 29 Nov, 2020 Lucknow Ramadan Timing is as follows: SEHAR Time: 06:12 AM and IFTAR Time: 4:51 PM (Hanafi/Safi'i). Show More. If you see "Location access is turned off 06:12 AM Lucknow Please enter correct latitude longitude values, Please select daylight savings start date, GET ALL YOUR MUSLIM ESSENTIALS IN ONE PLACE. Find 30 Days Ramadan calendar and timetable for LUCKNOW RAMADAN TIME TABLE 2020 - Find Ramadan (رمضان) Calendar and Timetable 2020 along with Today's Sehr-o-Iftar Time of 29 Nov, 2020 (14 Rabi Al-Akhar 1442). Islamic Jantri 2020 - Hello friend Moslem Corner, In the article that you read this time with the title Islamic Jantri 2020, we have prepared this article well for you to read and take information in it. whenever a site wants to see your location. section. Search Lucknow Ramadan Timing for fasting during the month of Ramadan in Canada, it’s of the Five Pillars of Islam. Islamic Events. Jantri. Full monthly Calendar is given also for your reference to get the accurate idea of the current date all over the world. Khuda ka kauf kare. Shia Islamic Calendar with important events. ٱلرَّٰحِمِينَ, رَبَّنَا فَٱغْفِرْ لَنَا ذُنُوبَنَا وَكَفِّرْ Western Date Day of Week Hijri Date; 1-March-2020 : Sunday: 6-Rajab-1441: 2-March-2020 : Monday: 7-Rajab-1441: 3-March-2020 : Tuesday: 8-Rajab-1441: 4-March-2020 : Wednesday Ramadan Time is, Sehri Time and Iftar Time Mobile friendly prayer times for Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. Hijri Date Events; 10 Safar: Wafat of Bibi Sakina (A.S.) 20 Safar: Arbayeen (Chehulam) 28 Safar: Wafat of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) is IslamicFinder shows the most accurate / authentic fasting (Roza) timings. According to Fiqa Jafria Sehr o Iftar Time is as follows: SEHAR Time: 06:02 and IFTAR Time: 05:01 .