If your MCAT score is too low for your target school, you can get some additional education to show that you’re ready for the challenge of medical school. With so many factors at play, it’s impossible to know what the exact number is for each school you apply to. It’s very important to remember that your while your MCAT score is only an indication of your potential, a low score can likely mean you need to brush up on some of your medical knowledge. It’s used to gauge your likelihood of success. You can shadow a physician to see what they do on a daily basis. Some schools receive many more applications than others. Easiest Medical Schools to Get into in 2020 ; Medical School Acceptance Rates in November 2020; PA vs MD: … Doctors are leaders in the field. The MSAR reports each program’s median MCAT score from the previous application year, as well as their lowest and highest accepted scores. Medical schools want students to succeed. In most cases, students who have an MCAT score that’s on the lower end of the spectrum have a higher chance of being academically dismissed. Medical School Median MCAT Score; Lincoln Memorial University (DeBusk) 500: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine … As you can see, the lowest MCAT score accepted into medical school will vary based on the student. Applicants should utilize preparatory courses, private tutors, and varying prep approaches to succeed. It’s a win-win. I said things like, "but I don't think that's a good score, so maybe I'll have to reapply." It’s still possible if your application is captivating enough to warrant interest. First, acing those courses shows that you understand the material. I know you’re feeling stressed out and discouraged and I totally understand. Kaplan vs. Too often, applicants sign up for a June or even July test date in the year they want to apply. Keep in mind that many students do not prepare enough for the MCAT, thinking that their coursework is sufficient preparation. You see, what’s considered a low MCAT score for one student might not be for another! I wanted him to reinforce that I'll be okay. If your scores are simply too low to be competitive at American allopathic med schools, you might pursue osteopathic medicine, which evaluates applications more holistically and considers lower MCAT scores than allopathic schools. You’ll have the chance to demonstrate your knowledge in the field while also learning more to improve your chances of success. You’ll learn general scores to aim for, and how to overcome a score you’re not happy with. In general, anything below a cumulative MCAT score of 510 is considered to be a borderline score. you're thinking, "I've never heard this before!" Whatever the case may be, try to get as much clinical experience in as many areas as possible. The following data comes from the most recent, submit late or push the whole process back, Applying to Medical School with Low Stats: What You Need to Know, Discover the Medical Schools Where You Are Competitive, Improve Your MCAT Score for Medical School Acceptance, 7 Simple Steps to Writing an Excellent Diversity Essay, How to Write About Your Research Interests, 4 Ways to Show How You’ll Contribute in the Future, Harvard Kennedy School MPP & MPA2 Application Essay Tips [2020 – 2021], How to Write Your Master’s in Engineering Statement of Purpose, The Personal Statement That Got Me a Large Scholarship to Cambridge, Writing Your Physician Assistant (PA) Personal Statement [Plus Sample Essay], Preparing for Your MBA Interview Questions, Applying to Med School in the 2021–2022 Cycle? Schools understand that students have bad days. MD programs are highly competitive and require both a high GPA and high MCAT. Those courses can prove to be very useful when it comes to your overall success in medical school. If you score higher than 505 you’ll have put yourself in a pretty comfortable position.