Both have 1250mm focal lengths I think.What eyepiece sizes would you recommend for this scope, Im thinking probably 3-4 EPs?Also for lunar viewing what would be the highest usable magnification under average conditions? I then used the bottom ETX-90EC with the illuminated reticle eyepiece in the Meade 45-Degree Erecting Prism at the rear port. Mount the 80mm or 90mm directly to any photo tripod using 1/4-20 mounting screws, and observe more of your adventure from afar. 2) A piggyback camera MOUNT; although Meade does not make a piggyback mount for either the ETX 125 or the ETX 90, the brackets are available. Comes with tabletop tripod legs and one Meade 15mm eyepiece - no other eyepieces are included. The optics are really nice and it's well suited to imaging the Moon, Sun and brighter planets. 5mm EP) pushing too far?ThanksAlex Meade ETX 90 Model M Maksutov-cassegrain Telescope 90mm with Original Box. IMHO the only useful imaging of DSOs that can be achieved with an ETX 90 is mounting it on an equatorial wedge and using it for piggy-backing a DSLR with a wide field lens. The Meade ETX 90, the original model, successfully combined great features with affordability, with one of the best aspects of this device being the resistant materials used in its design.The fact that is easy to transport also makes it an excellent option for people who love to travel, while for beginners, this model is ideal because it needs no additional utensils to make it work. Never use a Meade® ETX telescope to look at the Sun! The optical tube is very nice and shows crisp clear images. I have added a finder scope mount on it with double-sided tape. Beyond the Solar System observe nebulae, star clusters, galaxies, and other deep-sky objects. As a first telescope, the ETX-90EC or ETX-125EC reveals nature in an ever-expanding level of detail: observe the feather structure of a bird from 50 yards or study the rings of the planet Saturn from a distance of 800 million miles. This revamped version has new features added for the relaunch. The one shown in Figure 1 (and a similar one for the ETX 90 and other telecopes) is readily available through . Unfortunately, the mount is a bit pants. Is 250x (e.g. What Eyepieces for ETX 90 - posted in Meade Computerized Telescopes: HiIm thinking of buying a ETX90 or Orion 90 Mak. (The ETX is actually attached to a Shutan ETX Easy-Mount adapter plate; a review will be forthcoming.) Meade ETX 90 Observer telescope T he Meade ETX 90 Observer is the latest in a long line for this model – Meade has been producing the ETX 90 for well over two decades. In this case I used the top ETX-90RA as the photo scope with the 35mm camera attached to its Prime Focus. I owned a ETX 90 for years. I wanted to fit my DSLR to the rear port of my Meade ETX-90, so that I can have both an eyepiece and a camera sttached at the same time. ... With the ETX 80 & 90's new removable optical tube assembly, you can now take these optical tubes with you wherever your adventures take you.