Mount Bental. Mount Meron is the highest mountain in the Galilee and the highest summit in Israel west of the Jodan river. The segment from Gesher Alma to Horvat Hamama is about 17-km long. Meron can hike along several trails of various lengths. Access: On Route 89, between the Druze village of Horfesh and Kibbutz Sasa, there is an entrance to the road belonging to the Mt. Mount Meron Summit Trail. Nearby Places Show On Map Megiddo. Mount Meron – Climbing, Hiking & Mountaineering. Share. Be the first to submit your climbing note! Rosh Hanikra. The most popular trail takes you from the car park at the foot of the mount to the summit and makes a circular route past three lookout points before returning to the starting point at the base of the mount. The Alkosh reserve is trail is a nice part that that connects you to the Israel National Trail near Mount Meron, and which will take you right to Kinneret. Meron. After the descend to the other side of the mountain, the trail enters the Amud stream and we walk in its upper section. Option 2: 16 km hike Take a short transfer (at no extra cost) to a closer start point for your ascent. Day 1: July 6 th 2009 Starting our hikes is becoming a routine which makes it easier. Elevation: 1208 m; Difficulty: Best months to climb: Convenient center: Update info or location. Hiking Mt. Just like the last two hikes we had a good breakfast, and walked down to the first bus. We'll climb with our cars to the summit parking lot, a great place for a picnic. We can add it! Meron Field School. Mount Meron. This stream is even more beautiful than the Kziv. An air force base is located on the summit itself, but about 50 m below, there is a hiking trail that makes a 360° circle around the peak providing great views to all directions. Mount Meron to the South Mount Meron Summit Trail. The Meron summit overlooks the Mediterranean shores on the west, the Golan Heights with its volcanic peaks on the east, the entire Lower Galilee from Mount Carmel to the Sea of Galilee on the south and the Upper Galilee and southern Lebanon on the north. Mountain missing? Mount Meron to the Sea of Galilee . Mount Meron Climbing Notes. Magdala . Mount meron is one of the most beautiful natural reserves in Israel, especially in the spring. Mount Tabor. Meron nature reserve and the Mt. Hiking directly from your accommodation in Hurfeish, you’ll ascend Mount Meron. Drive 5.5 kilometers to the trailhead. Print. Our hike on the Israel National Trail, שביל ישראל , up Mount Meron, through Wadi Amud to the Sea of Galilee and up Mount Arbel to the village of Mitzpe near Tiberius. The slopes from all sides are densely forested with a beautiful and varied Mediterranean forest. Send Mail. Option 3: 12 km hike Take a longer transfer (with additional cost) to an even closer start point for your ascent. The hike is quite easy. The third day starts with a climb to the summit of Mount Meron, the highest point in the Galilee, with great views to all of northern Israel. Photo credit: Lior Golgher • ליאור גולגר. By the way - the whole 1000 km of Israel National Trail are available on google street view. Visitors to Mt. It takes you through the outstanding Dishon Wadi, brings you to a beautiful water spring, passes through the enchanting Bar’am Forest, and ends with a glimpse of Mount Meron.