If you are interested in a career as a neonatal nurse, it is important to know the correct steps to begin your career. Come work at Example Co., a leading firm in our industry in the metro area. Level 3 neonatal caring is the most intensive care for newborns that need vital life support. A Neonatal Nurse is a Registered Nurse that works in the NICU and works under the supervision of physicians and Neonatal Nurse Practitioners. Salaries can fluctuate based on the length of shifts and overtime. If you're hard-working and dedicated, Example Co. is an ideal place to get ahead. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Nurse, also known as a Neonatal Nurse, is responsible for the care and treatment of newborn infants suffering from illness or prematurity, as well as caring for their parents and guardians. An NICU Nurse provides round-the-clock care for the basic and medical needs of newborn infants in the NICU. People who searched for Neonatal Nurse: Educational Requirements for a Neonatal Nursing Career found the articles, information, and resources on this page helpful. Check out the average salary of neonatal nurses in your state. Educational Requirements Earn a nursing … Apply today! As mentioned before, there are 3 levels of neonatal nursing. The top 90% of neonatal nurses make $45 an hour. We're pleased to have a 4.0 Glassdoor rating. Responsibilities for Neonatal Nurse Entry requirements and training to be a neonatal nurse You need to be a registered adult nurse, child nurse or midwife to apply for a job as a neonatal nurse. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about becoming a neonatal nurse, including job requirements, average salary and frequently asked questions about being a neonatal nurse. Level 1 is providing care for normal and healthy newborns. handling bereavements or related areas, for example breast feeding. Level 2 is immediate care given to newborns that are ill or premature. We are looking to hire an experienced Neonatal Nurse to help us keep growing. Neonatal nurses and nurse practitioners specialize in the care of acutely, and sometimes critically ill newborns. Interested in related jobs? Check out pediatrics nurse practitioner salaries and ICU nurse salaries. Some employers may ask for experience or knowledge of neonatal nursing issues eg. They can work in labor and delivery departments, neonatal ICUs, or other types of acute care settings. They manage neonates who may be premature, have a congenital disorder, are fighting infections, or who may have malformations that affect overall health and development. Job Overview. The job duties of a neonatal nurse greatly vary depending on the level of care and demand needed by the infant. A Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Nurses and Neonatal Nurse Practitioners are similar roles, but the difference is in the education requirements and scope of practice. The