The most extensive shopping mall in Europe, called Aviapark, is 230,000 square meters. Discover floral dresses, tops and essential work wear for women online. Free delivery for orders over R800. He claims the mall has a 20% … It also has an indoor-outdoor roller coaster. Shop the latest in Women's Clothing online at Forever New. Still, the mall has plans to boost the number of tenants, said Ye Ji Ning, head of New South China Mall's investment unit. IFC Mall, Hong Kong. 1.South China Mall (659,612 m 2) South China shopping centre, in Dongguan, China is the biggest shopping centre on the planet when estimated as far as a gross leasable zone, and second regarding all out region to The Dubai Mall (which has broad non-shopping space including a zoo, a lodging complex and an amusement park). The biggest mall in the world, the New South China Mall, which is mostly empty, in Dongguan, Guangdong, China New South China Mall in Dongguan, China, is the largest mall in the world based on gross leasable area. A noteworthy observation about the shopping malls in Asia is that they are enormous in size. On the other hand, the largest mall in Asia, South China Mall, is about three times the size of Aviapark. Transport: Line 1 to Century City, the most southerly stop; 2. South China Mall (Chinese: 华南Mall; pinyin: Huá nán) in Dongguan, China (formerly New South China Mall) is the second largest shopping mall in the world when measured in terms of gross leasable area, and second in terms of total area to The Dubai Mall (which has extensive non-shopping space including a zoo, a hotel complex and a theme park). Twice the size of United States’ Mall… The mall features seven zones modeled on international cities including a replica of the Arc de Triomphe and a canal with gondolas. It is twice the size of both the previous mall record holder in Dubai and the biggest mall in Guangdong called the New South China Mall. What is doesn’t have is customers. Jun 20, 2014 - Located about 50 miles north of Hong Kong in Dongguan, China, the New South China Mall is the largest abandoned mall in the world by gross leasable area.