Catalog of Tools No. Shop a large range of nicholson files at MSC Industrial Supply. If the above web address does not work loof the Hawley Tool Collection on files. What steel is used in files and rasps? There are many other sources for Nicholson history on the web. … I make knives and have made some from Nicholson files. American pattern flat file, bastard cut Used by machinists, machinery builders, ship and engine builders Also by repairman and others who require rapid removal of metal Rectangular in cross section and taper slightly towards point in width double cut on sides, single cut on edges Carded Nicholson, Cooper Tools 21868 10" Flat Bastard Cut File … Click on pictures to enlarge them. Briefly, here are some companies that Nicholson took over: Nicholson continued selling files with the brand names of Arcade and Globe to 1972, Black Diamond and K&F after 1972, and McClellan for an unknown time. N-12 With X.F. This comment has been removed by the author. Apex Tool Group was formed in 2010 as a joint venture of Danaher Tool Group and Cooper Hand Tools with over 30 brands including Nicholson. 900, Simonds 1976 American Pattern Files Catalog, Simonds 1976 Swiss, Vixen, Rotary Files Catalog, Simonds Saws Knives Files for Metal & Woodworking Shops 1923, Whitaker Manufacturing Co. 1941 Catalog (Part), Whitaker Manufacturing Co. 1941 Dealer's Sheet, W. Tyzack Sons & Turner Ltd. 1950 Catalogue. MSC Industrial supply is here to support all your metalworking and maintenance repair needs with over 1 … This site has free downloads of old American file manufacturer catalogs, brochures, instructions, and history, including Canada where possible. The information is being updated as needed so please check back. At one time there was a web site by another guy who was knowledgeable about early hand tools and file who made the claim that all tool made out of files were done so from at best the 1910's to early 1920's. Some information but doesn't seem knowledgeable enough about the type of steel used in files..will see if I cna find more information in time to post here. Prior to this time period files were too expensive to be made tools or knives out of them. Cullman production was moved to Cali, Colombia, Tlalnepantla, Mexico, and Sorocaba, Brazil. Will see how they wear but these files look worse than the Simmons files we moved away from. Unfortunately I have lost the information to this web site. SHOW ALL. International Tool Catalog Library. As a tool collector I have a number of spokeshaves, draw knives, in shaves and scorps that were made out of files. File and Rasp Makers in 1890 (Google Books), American Swiss 1920 File & Tool Catalog (, Carson-Newton 1935 Catalog, 2 Price Lists, Disston 1940s Catalog No. To correctly answer b4mudman they nicholson file were most likely made out of quality tool steel which is why they stood up to a lot of use and abuse. Swiss Catalog, Nicholson 1957 Files & Rasps Catalog No. Grobet American Pattern Files are uniform in cut to permit fast metal removal. Their legacy lies in offering higher consistency than the era’s hand-made products, but also in offering cost-efficient files … The Manual Library. the older Nicholson files up to 1959 should be made out of hi quality steel and from about 1920's onward the mass produced files were cheap enough that you could make edge tools out of files. Nicholson (Cooper) closed the Anderson plant August 31, 1978. Nicholson® Table Of Contents Contents File terminology New products American pattern files Chainsaw file guides American pattern rasps X.F.® files - Swiss pattern Curved tooth files Miscellaneous tools File sets and packs Facts The Site Index lists small companies with the large companies that bought them. Just received some new "Nicholson" extra slim files and they were made in Mexico. As per Exhibit 7 , Cooper Industries will continue to maintain its current upward earnings per share trend. Nicholson was part of Cooper Industries from 1972 to October 2012. The Nicholson File Company has been a dominant force in quality filing tools since 1864, ever since they revolutionized the manufacturing process with machine-cut solutions. In 2011 Apex Tool Group closed its Cullman, Alabama Nicholson file factory and other US plants in Monroe, North Carolina and Hicksville, Ohio. Not as symmetric and "fatter" than the original files that I have that were made in the USA. Every file … Web Files Access Webmail Teacher Pages" Meredith Nicholson Elementary School Always Count on a Knight! Extremely durable and scientifically balanced, each file is the product of a long tradition of superior craftsmanship combined with the most advanced technology. IN COLLECTIONS. NS, Nicholson 1974 Files & Rasps Catalog No. Nicholson's former Providence, Rhode Island factory complex is relatively well preserved and some is used by businesses. Nicholson maintained a file factory in Anderson for the US market and continued selling files with the brand name Arcade until 1972. ¶ú@ ‘Ñ`†uÆGøUL ïŸø9O¯{Ù�2œrÁãÏîÊ}ıŞaÆ€JúÓå»G¹¦&Ò¬=Z�äûŒÌ¹+޺Ë[w½“‘`Îa|•±Ç2Q4aƘŞ×[íÏ$/3ø�_84½ÄMeÅ-3ÊãήIS’º±¯)7bIcŸñõ5«ˆmšÌÙk¡ñ™–³È„Ih2Åş‘ÃKCVgò™şHÉSY50y_^lq&�Å`X—5›µ¬tBE vJÉi‡IZMUî÷Ùš€jê>ÌF f†-§z2âU¥•¿jÕø¬jv^òÈÿZ#Xeú. He had designed and patented various products and began thinking about industrial files, but those thoughts were Additional Collections. Swiss Files, Nicholson 1955 Black Diamond & X.F. In October 2012, Danaher Corporation and Cooper Industries sold Apex Tool Group to Bain Capital. The Nicholson File Company, a major manufacturing firm in Providence, Rhode Island, was founded by William Thomas Nicholson (1834-1893) in 1864. Nicholson of Providence, Rhode Island was the largest US file manufacturer. Cleveland File Works, Industry File Works, Clevela... 1912 G&H Barnett and Nicholson advertisement. The addition of Nicholson Files’ product lines to Cooper Industries offerings will provide stability to the earnings and enhance the Cooper brand., This site has good valid historic information on files..... Not near the quality of manufacture on the finish of the file.