by CorsairJoshua, Don't blink Magic Untapped suggests suggest two similar-yet-different elvish Oathbreaker decks that just might fit the bill. Kitchen Table . by SenorSpock, Jace Loves U Modern . by TrEndKillHerEsy, Tezzeret's Artifacts by SenorSpock, Azorius Control You need to be logged in to do this. by CherryBomb, Huatli Big Booty Aggro Home Deckbuilder Forum Decks Collection Sets Log In . Oathbreaker is a Unit. by MagicMarc, The Spell-Slinging Slasher Follow Us. I was wondering if this can be translated to Oathbreaker. That's good to know. by DrNeckBeard, Brokeoo The Oathbreaker format was created by Given the aggressive format, creatures are likely to be valued more highly than spells. When you have logged in, click the Refresh Session button and then try again. by ConsumingKiribo, Domri Rade Gets Adopted TappedOut.js Blog Widget, Sarkhan, Unbroken//Dragonstorm Oathbreaker. If you have 3 mana Oathbreaker that is key to your strategy, running stuff that rarely sees play in EDH like [[Simian Spirit Guide]] or [[Dark Ritual]] could be totally appropriate and super powerful. [See the full post at: Oathbreaker Starter Decks: Build Your Own Battlebox] June 20, 2019 at 4:00 pm #1987. I'm an EDH vet, but have never played a game of Oathbreaker before. Terms of Use | 2/3 drops are probably going to be your bread and butter so more slots dedicated here than elsewhere. … Probably similar to standard/modern in terms of land count: 23-26 depending on your curve. by Jamarvin, Gideon, the Pretty Fly White Guy by Kaisersaurus, Karn's Payday by Gattison, Knuckle Simicwiches by PirateCptAstera, Gideon Mono White Voltron *-* By the way, I loved that I got to see Captain Nina again. Login . DMCA requests | I know it's going to vary deck to deck, I'm just looking for a general jumping-off point. It's really taking off in my shop, so I want to build a deck. by robothaus, Hoarding Treasure: Pirate Oathbreaker Hello, Oathbreaker subreddit, I'm an EDH vet, but have never played a game of Oathbreaker before. Menu . by CorsairJoshua. by SenorSpock, Sarkhan, Unbroken//Dragonstorm Oathbreaker Recent Threads. It's only the second time I've built an Oathbreaker deck, but I think I built a good one. Thank you! by Oogieloves, Oathbreaker Daretti by GingerSquatch93, Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge All rights reserved. Might; Mind; Event Decks . Goblin Slayer (G ... Orgg Assassins; Sleight Knight; USA Tax Aggro; Pauper . Press J to jump to the feed. by disasterarea42, Ashiok, Death of Dreams by Spell_Slam, Sarkhan, "Technicolor" It's really taking off in my shop, so I want to build a deck. Feeds | Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. by ozelc, Chandra Tribal [circa Zendikar Rising] Contact | by SenorSpock, Big Mana Nissa Oathbreaker MTG Decks Visit Oathbreaker forum Card search Deck Search. This site is unaffiliated. Thank you so much for these deck techs! The art is beautiful and the story is very well written, and it gets even better in Oathbreaker 2! I built a battle box and only had to pay a little over $30 to get the cards I didn’t have. And what about the land ratio? by MittenofGathering, Temper Tantrum This isn't a build-a-deck-for-me thread; I love building, and want to do it on my own with my own ideas. Register . by Timelord999, Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas + Thoughtcast by Gattison, Glimpse Ashiok I know I'm being real vague, but I gotta make sure the person I built it for doesn't somehow find this post. Magic Untapped highlights some of the ones you probably should be playing, but likely aren't. by Kami8no9hentai, Ral's 3rd turn win (29 cards, 29 distinct) - Sakashima's Student, Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni, Nether Traitor, Higure, the Still Wind, Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow, Throat Slitter, Ponder 10 cards you should be playing in Commander (but aren’t) There are myriad cards that players can consider when building a deck for Commander. One thing I've noticed is that the first few turns of a game can be much more "scripted" than EDH. Play with other LifestealLifesteal: When this deals damage, you gain that much. by Merkesb, Koth Of The Hummer © Valve Corporation. This is a deck template thread. Privacy statement | by Neotrup, W&6 | Crops This is a deck template thread. OBK 0 … This is an excellent question. Khatruman. The Reddit community for the Oathbreaker: a Magic The Gathering format where a planeswalker and their "signature spell" rests at the head of a 60 card singleton deck. by Gattison, xenagos warp world Discord Server | Latest decks. I have found a system from many years of EDH for how many ramp cards I like to run in each deck, how many draw cards I run, and a good basic-and-dual-to-utility-land ratio. Register — or — Login . Register — or — Login . by Benjiboy925, Oathkeeper Samurai Converting an EDH Deck to Oathbreaker: Most EDH decks start with a basic framework and are reworked slowly over time until they’re some weird finely tuned but also de-tuned glob.