After knowing the basics about papaya, it’s time to check some recipes that you might like to try for your baby. Like mango, papaya is a juicy tropical fruit that many babies (at least 9 months old) enjoy. Papaya used in Indian toddler recipes. The papaya is a tropical fruit that most of us in North America are not familiar with, though it is ubiquitous in South and Central America. It may be difficult to find where you live, but if you can find it it has the taste of the pineapple with the texture of a cantaloupe. It improves digestion, and nourishes your baby with vitamin A, so make sure you introduce your little one to Papaya Purée at the right age, to develop an early liking for it. Try to feed small amount when you start and later you can increase the quantity. Papaya Mash. For Babies 4-6 months. Papayas can be introduced to babies between 7-8 months of age. I offered papaya to my baby at her 7th month once she is well tolerated with other foods like banana, apple & pears. Below are some age-specific recipes that you can try. Papaya flowers, leaves, roots, and seeds are also edible, but there is limited research on the safety of these foods for babies and toddlers. If your baby has a sensitive … Ingredients: One Ripe Papaya; Method: Peel and de-seed the papaya before you cut it into big cubes. The skin is bright orange unlike its green cousin the mango. Quick Papaya Recipes. 2. Simply mash or make a puree in a blender till you get a smooth consistency. I used to steam the papaya for 5 minutes when I introduced papaya to my baby for easier digestion. Ripe papaya fruit may be introduced as soon as your baby is ready to start solids, which is generally around 6 months of age. Papaya Puree for Babies Papaya Puree for Babies has a large number of valuable nutrients. The papaya chunks can be first steamed if you want them softened up a bit for quicker digestion. Here are some great papaya baby food recipes for you to try out: 1. Papaya Papaya For Your Baby. As you plan to give papaya to your baby, refer to the age group of your baby and choose the best way to feed.