You can pick up where you left off, or start over. 1. It can help them cut through the mix while retaining a natural, organic sound. 6. So veredelst Du deine Drums - Parallele Kompression ist das Zauberwort in der zweiten Folge von delamar Mixdoc. It’s typically used on the power elements of a track such as the: kick, clap, snare, open hat, bass, lead vocals, and most commonly the entire drum bus. Manipulate the compressor - use a slow attack, fast release, and a threshold & ratio so that you are getting anywhere from - 6 to - 18 dB gain reduction. Hopefully you are creating an extremely punchy, mid-range sound here. I duplicated the 808 kick drum to do parallel compressing but don't know how to set the compressor properly. One suggestion found. If your DAW has latency compensation you can skip this step. October 14, 2014 Type in the entry box, then click Enter to save your note. The compressor kicks in right after the transient, and in this case, the envelope of the drum is being reshaped after the transient, by the attack and release timing. New York style compression is a type of parallel compression originating from New York City. Video: Parallel compression on the kick and snare. - The place I usually start with a parallel compressor…on a kick drum is to add another balanced sound.…Get some good attack, some good sustain,…it's gonna be inherently different from those dry tracks.…And then, I add it in and I see what is sounds like.…(drumming)…So, what I start off with on the distressor is a slow attack…and a medium release to allow the transient…to go through the compressor and for the release…to sort of manipulate how fast the compressor releases…giving it a different sustain envelope.…, Now, we could also do the opposite,…which is to have a fast attach that grabs that transient…and then a fast release that let's that sustain come up.…So, we're gonna again change the envelope of the sustain…of that drum and make the drum sound a lot longer.…Sometimes we need to do that to make the final…kick drum sound work with the track.…(drumming)…So, with a fast attack and a fast release…it brings more tone to the drum,…but that's not something we need on this track.…, If you're doing a slower song, that could be a great way…. One way to set up an effective parallel compression chain is to use very heavy settings. Turn the threshold down almost all the way (or turn the ‘input’ up a lot). The result is (hopefully) a punchier sound, depending on the type of compressor used, and the color it imparts on the sound. Natural Sounding Dynamic Control. By adding an additional track, you are increasing the overall volume of the drum sound and this will always sound better. if it does not, your two tracks may be a couple milliseconds off in timing, and this will introduce unwanted phasing. Ryan works with the recording studio's SSL 4000, but these techniques are applicable to any DAW or console. Distorting the trash mic 4m 41s. Commonly when people use compressors on drum samples, they use a slow attack and fast release. Usually I find myself bringing the compressed track in at roughly 1/3 the volume of the uncompressed track, but again this varies greatly from sample to sample. Subscribe and get free samples and discounts delivered to your inbox. Parallel Compression, AKA New York compression, is an awesome way to make your drums punchy while retaining body. Repeat the above steps, but use the fastest attack setting possible on your compressor and adjust the release to taste. What is NY Compression. Emphasizing the backbeat with parallel distortion 6m 20s. Notes are saved with you account but can also be exported as plain text, MS Word, PDF, Google Doc, or Evernote. It also works wonders on making drums fatter! Unfortunately, this can come at the cost of making the drum machine sample sound smaller, weaker, and less bass-y. Parallel compression works exactly the same as standard downward compression. Multiple suggestions found. Do not worry about make-up gain, as this adds noise, and you will not need to raise the volume of the track, as you will be mixing it at a low volume with the original anyways.