Plant has green stems, green leaves, and white … Habanero Peruvian White Lightning - A very rare habanero with creamy white lantern shaped pods. The white … Also nicknamed Mean Bean, these are … Small bushy pepper plants produce very high yields of fiery hot chile peppers of a lantern shape with a creamy-white … Orange Habanero Seeds - 30+ seeds, or 1/4 gram - Buy 2 Get 1 Order Free - b68 $ 3.59 FREE shipping Rainbow Habanero Mix Seeds - White, Red, Yellow, Chocolate and Orange - Bin350 One plant can produce hundreds of tiny fruits. Peruvian White Lightning Habanero Pepper 30 Seeds- HOT Item Description The White Habanero is a brand new, lovely variety of the Habanero The beautiful chiles are approximately 2 … Plant produces heavy yields of 1" long by ½" wide hot peppers. This pepper grows quickly and produces fruit in great numbers. 100+ days. Little in size and resembles a jelly bean shape but don't let this pepper fool you! Mini Habanero Pepper (Capsicum chinese) is also known as Peruvian White Habanero. Capsicum chinense. Peppers are very hot and turn from light green, to light creamy-yellow, to creamy-white when mature. Peruvian White Lightning Habanero Pepper: The White Habanero is a brand new, lovely variety of the Habanero that is hard to come by and said to originate in Peru. Great for making white hot sauce!