50/50 imported Irish cheddar and mozzarella makes a very flavorful cheese pizza. A blended cheese is an easy way to create a flavor that is different than the competition. 50/50 prov and mozzarella + parm is my favorite blend when using shredded cheese. Pizza cheese frequently consists of a blend of two or more cheeses, such as low-moisture Mozzarella or Provolone. Cheese blends are an effective way to create your ultimate pizza cheese. The standard blending ratios are 80/10/10 or 80/20, with the typical additions being cheddar, provolone, whole-milk mozzarella and Monterey Jack, he notes. Using cheese on a Pizza is something that I live for and it is the same case for most of us. « Can anyone send me the ingredients or blend of cheeses for Old Forge style pizza? Approximately 40% of independent pizza restaurants use a cheese blend, and that number is on the rise due to the manufacturers’ ability to create certain small batches of blends. Not really a fan of fresh mozzarella but I need to slice it thinner next time. Cheeses to avoid on pizza: processed cheese or oily cheeses such as Velveeta, American cheese and Cheddar or pre-shredded cheese. Use cold cheese to prevent cheese from over cooking and possibly burning. Having the perfect pizza blend is something that would really give your homemade pizzas a kick and make it different from the rest. Low-moisture Mozzarella was first manufactured in dairy factories in the Midwestern United States, and was originally called “pizza cheese”. I used to deliver pizza cheese so I know it was a special blend. 4-6 ounces of cheese is an appropriate amount of cheese for a 13″ thin crust or NYC style pizza. Don’t use too much cheese. I tried mozzarella … “Every cheese blend usually starts with part-skim mozzarella, or ‘pizza cheese,’ as its primary component,” Todd says. Scott Wiener, a New York-based professional pizza tour guide and writer for Pizza Today magazine, agrees.