We are going to show you a potato diet that will help you lose 5 kg in just 3 days. But the good part is that this Potato Diet makes you lose pure fat that too without drilling a hole in your pocket. 1.6 Does potato diet provide for nutrients? 1.2 Potato Diet Plan # 2. Potato Diet – You Can Lose Up to 5 Kg In 3 Days The potato diet is a momentary eating plan (3-5 days) intended to help improve weight reduction, processing, and wellbeing. All you need to do is eat cooked potatoes and drink low-fat yogurt. 1.3.1 One-week plan; 1.4 What are important aspects of the potato diet plan? The yogurt will regulate the digestive system and remove the excess fluids and toxins from the body, while the potatoes will provide the minimum daily intake of calories. Potato diet has potato as the main ingredient in it, but also includes low fat yogurt. Potato Diet # 2 In addition to potatoes, other foods such as vegetables and fruit, fish and lean meat may also be integrated into the menu. Drink at least 12 cups of water per day. To lose weight healthily and sustainably, here is a potato-based diet that will make you lose almost 2 kg in 5 days only! The popular potato diet claims to help you lose up to one pound (0.45 kg) per day by eating nothing but plain spuds for three to five days. Potato Diet # 1. 1.5 Is the potato diet effective for weight loss? 1.2.1 Three days Plan; 1.3 Potato Diet Plan # 3. You will be able to lose up to 7 pounds during this period. 1.7 Is “The Potato Diet Plan” safe? If you follow the instructions and the rules you can lose 3-5 kg in only 3 days. Potato Diet List Potato Diet. Rule 2 – As a general rule, eat 2–5 pounds (0.9–2.3 kg) of potatoes each day. In this article, I have told the method of making potato diet, in which I have taken 1 to 1.5kg of potatoes. Overweight and obesity have become a global scourge and a … Divide into 6 portions and eat warm without any seasoning. It’s cheap, easily available and an effective diet plan. This diet can only be followed 3 days, and can be repeated 2 times consecu The duration of this potato cleanse diet is only 3 days. Around 1,000g of these meals should be eaten each day, preferably split between 3 meals. During these five days, you eat 1 to 2.5 kilos or 2 to 5 pounds of potatoes each day as per your appetite. According to the general rule, you have to eat 2–5 pounds (0.9–2.3 kg) potatoes every day. 3 pounds of large potatoes wash thoroughly, cut in wedges and bake in the oven until golden brown. Basically, one eats only potatoes while on the eating routine, promising chubby men to become as 'lean as they should be'. The three-day potato diet, as the name suggests, should mainly rely on the consumption of potatoes.