Chemical properties. Physical properties. In one of its most familiar applications, sulfuric acid serves as the electrolyte in lead-acid … Sulfuric acid, one of the oldest known industrial chemicals, is a very strong inorganic acid with qualities that make it very useful for a number of industries. Properties of sulfuric acid Sulfuric acid has a melting point of 10 ° C and a boiling point of 337 ° C. Sulfuric acid is an oily, colorless liquid with a particular odor , depending on its concentration. Sulfuric acid is a clear, colourless, oily liquid. Sulfuric Acid Formula - Sulfuric Acid Uses, Properties, Structure and Formula Sulfuric Acid Formula Sulfuric acid is one of the most important mineral acids with a wide range of applications. Boiling Point: 315-338°C. Sulfuric acid is very … Vapour Density: 3.4. Sulfuric Acid Properties - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Provides physical properties of diluted sulfuric acid in order to determine dilution and concentration of sulfuric acid All personnel working with sulfuric acid should be … Melting Point: 10.35°C. Sulfuric acid, dense, colorless, oily, corrosive liquid; one of the most important of all chemicals, prepared industrially by the reaction of water with sulfur trioxide. Specific Gravity: 1.84.