This is a great mic if your voice needs a bit of filling out, or if the high end of your voice needs rounding off. Listen to the other reviewers: this mic deserves a good preamp. After weeks of research, I decided to purchase the K2. Access to the tube compartment is achieved by unscrewing the main body sleeve, and a knurled locking ring is used to secure the included SM2 shockmount. A pair of K2s were my main overhead microphones in a busy studio that I managed where time was critical. I've yet to find something that won't sound good on this mic. Physically, the mic is almost exactly the same size as the NTK, but has a different grille design with a heftier support frame. K2 works well with project studios, because its sound is just never wrong or remotely disappointing. You may login with either your assigned username or your e-mail address. I would even use the word beautiful to describe it. This is one LDC that i'm not afraid to use on a guitar amp or a bass drum. I'm extremely impressed with your service and I'm very confident that all future mics will be RØDE. Thank you for your request. All contents copyright © SOS Publications Group and/or its licensors, 1985-2020. - RODE K2 Variable Pattern Vacuum Tube Condenser Microphone Omni Directional. I've tried a large variety of vocal microphones over the years, but this is the one I always come back to and use for my voice. Yay K2! I love it on acoustics, vocals, drums, amps and whatever else someone might have. Fantastic mic for male vocals or acoustic instruments. The K2's internal valve can be replaced without any soldering.Photo: Mark EwingThe mic comes in a tough moulded RC2 plastic travel case of the type normally associated with power tools, and includes not only the shockmount and power supply, but also the necessary multi-pin XLR cable to connect it to the power supply. A gold-plated stud indicates the 'hot' side of the capsule, in Rode's usual tradition. - Marvin Querido, Philippines. Good mic for the price for sure. However, if you do not have GOOD, "tube" mic pre, your money would be better off being spent there before buying ANY new microphone. Lol but when I went online and found a replacement tube for it, I knew then that I would be keeping it as one of my go-to vocal mics. This mic is very good for it's price, I give the U 87. This thing makes me sound so much better than any mic I have ever owned! But I do recommend that you invest in a new tube if you want to get the best sound for your buck. It is amazing that a superb sound quality you can't quite put your finger on emerges from using this mike. I sold my other mice. This mic works on everything - room mic, saxophones, acoustic instruments, you name it. I HAD IT POWERED THROUGH A UNIVERSAL AUDIO 610 AND WAS RECORDING IN MY OPEN ROOM SET UP WITH YOU KNOW ACOUSTIC TREATMENT AND IT STILL PICKED UP EVERY SINGLE ODD NOISE YOU COULD IMAGINE. Grab another figure 8 mic, and use the Blumlein technique. All the electronic components are mounted on a glass-fibre circuit board, while the capsule itself is shockmounted. I have been using many other mics on my voice such as AKGs C414s and AT4040 series mics (4047 and 4060). Sweetwater Sound The frequency range is 20Hz-20kHz, with little deviation other than a very deliberate, but still suitably subtle, presence peak centred at around 12kHz in omni mode. Everything else was there, but I watched a YouTube unboxing video, the K2 I received was not in any protective film, and there everything was open. I compare this mic with reference to u87 as standard. Another lesser peak at around 5kHz is evident in cardioid mode, which is very reminiscent of the NTK's response shape. They never have time to answer my questions about this polar pattern issue. But overall, this is the mic i will keep for the next 20 yrs or so for vocal work, i cant stress it enough how old k2 is on vocal. It is, however, rather quieter than some of these tube classics, and probably a lot cheaper to service given that the tubes used in the Rode mics don't belong to an endangered species. The views expressed are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the publishers. Rode really did their homework on this model. One Synth Challenge V - The Filter Strikes Back! It's been my go-to ever since. I've never dropped or banged it, so I don't know why it would behave this way. Q. PreSonus StudioLive 32SC Series III Mixing Console. What a great product for an unreal low price. The Rode K2 large diaphragm condenser microphone is absolutely the best mic that I've ever used for recording vocals, acoustic guitar, violin, ukulele, and djembe. The Rode K2 is a very accurate mic: so much so that I was surprised by the flatness of the response and lack of color. It captured every nuance without being too bright or too dark. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! I particularly liked this mic for strummed acoustic guitar played in a pop style, as you get a punchy, no-nonsense result that sounds almost as though it's been slightly compressed, with no ragged edges. If YOU need a rich,creamy vocal that can be compete with modern commercial quality, this is the mic. The tube gives it a more "rounded" and smoothe character. I never used them again. Rode's K2 is a great performer, offering multi-pattern functionality at a very affordable UK price. I have owned and used just about every Rode microphone for one reason - they work in critical environments and make engineering easier! I just got my Pro Tools 002 setup, and purchased a Rode K2 mic after reading some very positive reviews. Better value for the money. (Not tried with female vocals, but I think that it is very good in all aspects). Clean source + clear mic + adept mic'ing = clean capture. I find that mics work in combination with preamps, processors, room sound, the rest of the mix etc. Really does sound great for $700. box B-Stock. The carrying case has extra room to store an XLR cable so just grab and go. I was going to get a new mic pre, but it going straight into QU24 with comp set to slow onto, gives you the exact sound of expensive pre and comp outboard gear. There are very good reasons why it has won certain awards. Phone Hours | Everyone I record comments on how good it sounds. It is also excellent on acoustic guitar. Also, this mic wants an excellent pre-amp, AND an excellent A/D converter for best performance; but, with the money you save on the mic, you can afford it, right? Its has high SPL, it's has multiple mic patterns and it's tube makes any source just work. However, the 251 we used had seen better days. K2 has about the highest price a lot of musician can afford in their project studios, and a lot of pro studio owners too, before they dive into the $1000 plus range. The quoted sensitivity figure is -3dB (reference 1V/Pa) and the equivalent noise figure is just 10dBSPL (which means there's a signal-to-noise ratio of 81dB) — rather better than some solid-state mics, and a little quieter than the NTK. Tube type Siemens E88CC. Takes the brittle sound out of drums, and the essed-out sound out of the voice (though I actually like it for guitar and bass, seems to give it a bit of edge). Why Are Some A-B Stereo Arrays Angled Outwards? Having saved $4200.00, I think I'll get some more gear! If anything, the Rode K2 is a hint sweeter-sounding than the NTK, and it definitely does the 'subtle flattery' thing — which is, after all, why we tolerate tubes inside our microphones in the first place. In fact, pop filters are such essential components of any vocal recording system that I'm surprised more mics don't come with them — they're just as important as shockmounts, yet we seem to get those thrown in with nearly every mic we buy these days. Rode's K2 is a great performer, offering multi-pattern functionality at a very affordable UK price. There have been on occasion a singer that this mic wouldn't work with, due more or less to the singer's tone and projection rather than the mic itself. With K2 in a project studio setting you know you'll get a good sound before the session. My only issue is that I've already on my second shockmount in just under 2 years. The only reason I would consider getting another microphone is just because I've used this for 10 years and now I'm wondering maybe I can try something else lol...can't help but feel like I'm cheating on my old faithful though. I would have no hesitation in recommending this mic to anyone looking for a great, reasonably priced large diaphragm condenser mic for their studio. However is it that competitive compare to C414 or U87? I am a young female RnB / Jazz singer and have been recording for 4 years. This mic has it all, high Psl, tube warmth, variable patterns, own power supply. It's very warm and rich. I am sure that the $3000 mics are probably the best mics, but I would rather spend $700 have a couple love the sound and not freak out every time someone new is at the mic. Store Hours, If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 222-4700. I then tried the Rode K2 for a few days in the studio i use. It is the first tube mike I've owned so I have no other similar mikes to compare it to. Sounds great. $650.00. The other thing that has been a challenge with these microphones is the polar pattern.