If the tape circuit is disengaged, the 5042 becomes a transformer-coupled line amplifier with a gain range of +/-12dB. The circuit topology of the 5088 is unprecedented. An audio transformer cannot be entirely successful without including the electronic circuit in the design because it works as an integrated package. Unrivaled Pedigree. If you don’t need it, your console doesn’t need it either. The studio contains all top-quality equipment in a professionally appointed, acoustically balanced space, and reflects the current trends in pragmatic and economically feasible studio design. ), 48 Channel with Penthouse and MeterbridgeWidth: 262.8 cm, 103.5 inches Depth: 105 cm, 41.33 inchesHeight: 58.2 cm, 22.9 inchesweight (loaded): 1085 lbs, 492 KG (approx. This is what I was looking for.”, “We have an amazing collection of microphones, and when I run the microphones into the Neve it completely opens them up – it makes the microphones sound the way they should.”, “The 5088 has an insane amount of headroom for summing. The all-new, fully discrete analogue architecture in the 5088 represents a culmination of Rupert’s vast analogue circuitry knowledge. Pushbuttons let you choose between the transformer-coupled line input, the Portico bus, and tape inputs. From the tweakiest techniques to the biggest ideas, our experts work hard to constantly supply inSync with a steady stream of helpful, in-depth demos, reviews, how-tos, news, and interviews. The 5088 is a culmination of Mr. Rupert Neve’s vast analogue circuitry knowledge. With custom transformers coupling every single input and output (including the inserts), the sweet musical performance and bulletproof isolation expected from a Rupert Neve design are assured: there is not a single compromised signal path in the entire console. I can have all the VUs pinned and it sounds effortless, it holds together and still sounds open and clear. As of 2014, the 5088 is available in standard (light blue) and Shelford (dark grey blue) finishes. If the focus of your work changes over time or your audio systems evolve, you can adapt to meet the new challenges by reconfiguring the console accordingly. Rupert Neve Designs, LLC was founded by Mr. Rupert Neve on passion, experience and a desire to craft timeless musical tools for the 21st century. With over 28,000 articles and counting, inSync is your FREE resource for breaking news, reviews, demos, interviews, and more. Now is the perfect time to get the gear you want with simple, promotional financing. The new op amp cards offer extended headroom, dynamic range, and frequency response while generating exceptionally low noise and distortion. This gives you the conveniences of DAWs within the framework of the 5088 environment. With 4 pairs of FX returns and aux master controls, alongside high-quality 100mm faders, direct outs and transformer-coupled inserts for each of the 8 mix groups, the group master section provides the medium to control 4 stereo stem mixes while tying together an entire array of channel strips. Learn More. The Stereo Module has all of the group sends, six auxes, stereo width control, and individual trims and pans for each channel. Made in USA The 5088 is a culmination of Mr. Rupert Neve’s vast analogue circuitry knowledge. The standard 16-channel master section penthouse has 25 slots for vertically configured Portico modules. Using the proprietary SwiftMix system, you get to mix with VCA-less 100mm motorized faders connected to your DAW via Ethernet. The value of a transformer, correctly used, lies in the total galvanic isolation it provides, giving freedom from ground loops and RF interference. “Transformers are the reason why my original Consoles are still re-used, re-cycled and re-configured so successfully. This is also handy when setting up stereo processing such as reverbs. Also, the EQ’s of the 5052’s are amazing”, “The Class A circuit design allows for excellent sound quality even in the quietest movements. Configure your 5088 to meet your current needs, and when your studio expands or shifts gears, just reconfigure the modules to meet what you’re doing now. Don’t need VU meters? This gives you the flexibility to easily bounce between tracking, overdubs, and mixing. As his first fully discrete mixing design in over 30 years, the 5088 incorporates and improves upon many of the same concepts, such as single-sided, fully discrete amplification, and complete transformer isolation, which made those original designs classic. Each group output has an insert switch, which when depressed brings the transformer-coupled insert’s send (always active) and return into the group signal path for processing. Being music makers ourselves, we love geeking out on all things gear. Rupert Neve input and output transformers are onboard to give your tracks that distinctly British sound. Rely on your 500 Series modules? It’s full of “sweet” and “musical” Rupert Neve-signature sonic character, and you can engage the 5032’s unique Silk mode for even more vintage-console flavor. The Rupert Neve sound is the culmination of all the bits of wire and op-amps strung together just so, but if there was a component that sets the Rupert Neve sonic signature apart from everyone else, it has to be the transformers. Moving down the strip, there are nine pushbuttons that handle bus assignments for the channel input. His unique understanding of analog circuitry forged a sound that is instantly recognizable, known collectively as the “Rupert Neve sound.” For the uninitiated, the recent Sound City documentary serves as a great primer for the magic that comes from voltage saturating a transformer, which became the signature sound of Rupert Neve gear. 16, 32, 48, and beyond) as well as in a special 8 Channel Frame. Rupert Neve recognizes that no two studios are alike, which is why the 5088 is completely modular. Just need sweet Rupert Neve pres and then do your processing outboard? Custom, high voltage and discrete op-amp cards have been designed especially for the 5088 that eliminate crossover distortion entirely. The meterbridge features finely calibrated and extremely precise meters for all input and group channels. As a staunch advocate of transformer-based designs, Rupert has included custom-designed transformers on every single input and output of the 5088, electrically isolating the console with a true floating ground while also imparting the sweet sound quality of his classic, sought-after designs. This is a nice and easy way to increase or decrease the amount of out-of-center content — usually ambience — in the stereo signal. The best part is that if you do manage to push it hard enough, the overdrive is very nice and musical.”, 513 Analog Recording | Tempe, AZ, USAAdam Audio | Toronto, CanadaAlan Parsons | Santa Barbara, CA, USAAlice’ Restaurant | New York, NY, USAAngus Maclean | Calgary, Alberta, CanadaAnton JohnsonApex Audio | BelgiumBrett Orrison, The Austin Recording Service | Austin, TX, USAAnton JohnsonAV Plus | DubaiBabajim Istanbul Studios | TurkeyBibio | UKBig One MusicBlue Man Group, LoHo Studio | New York, NY, USABig Blue Meenie | Hoboken, NJ, USABig Blue North | Utica, NY, USABob Mithoff | LA, CABolo Digital | Denton, TX, USABlue Rock Studios | Wimberley, TX, USAChris LopezCircle House Studios | Miami, FL, USACoast Recorders | San Francisco, CA, USAColdwater Studios | Los Angeles, CA, USAUniversity of Colorado | Denver, CO, USAColour Haze Studio | GermanyConcordia University Irvine | Irvine, CA, USACounterpoint Studios | Salt Lake City, UT, USADarkSky Media | Melbourne, Australiadeadmau5 | Ontario, CanadaDick & Rogers | Vancouver, CanadaDoctor Wu’s | Brooklyn, NY, USADrexel University | Philadelphia, PA, USADweezil Zappa / Utility Muffin Research Kitchen | Los Angeles, CA, USAEsplanade Studios | New Orleans, LA, USAFull Sail University | Winter Park, FL, USAGaira Musica Local Estudios | Bogota, ColombiaGeejam Studios | Port Antonio, JamaicaGorbals Sound | Glasgow, ScotlandGravity StudiosUniversity of Hawaii | Honolulu, HI, USAHear Studios | Camden, ME, USAHeavenly Sound | ChinaHoneytone StudioUniversity of Iowa | Iowa City, Iowa, USAISPAJackpot Studios | Portland, OR, USAJaap Hamburger | Vancouver, BC, CanadaJeremy Jones | Seattle, WA, USAJimmy Buffett | USAKuhl Musik | Toronto, CanadaLola Music Studios | Los Angeles, CaliforniaMalabar Music | Oslo, NorwayMonenschpfeffer | Bochum, GermanyMOXE | Nashville, TN, USAMunchin Music | GermanyMusicians Institute | Los Angeles, CA, USANarwhal Music Studios | Chicago, IL, USANK Sound Tokyo | Tokyo, JapanNYU Clive Davis Institute | New York, NY, USANNK Studio | Moscow, RussiaNo Shame Labs | New York, NY, USAOberlin College & Conservatory | Oberlin, OH, USAOcean Sound Recordings | Giske, NorwayOhio University | Athens, OH, USAPaul Dinletir Peter BuffettPeter Kruder | AustriaPolosud Records | Napoli, ItalyPrimo Music, Mario Quintero | San Diego, CA, USAPro Audio LA | Los Angeles, CA, USA – LOS ANGELES SHOWROOMRCA Studio B | Nashville, TN, USARetrophonics Recording Studios | St. Augustine, FL, USARob Fusari | New York, NY, USARoselane Studios | Santa Barbara, CA, USARoulette | Brooklyn, NY, USARoyal Danish Academy of Music | Copenhagen, DenmarkSandlane Recording Facilities | Rijen, NLSan Francisco Conservatory of Music | San Francisco, CA, USASanta Barbara Sound Design | Santa Barbara, CA, USAScott Dargan | Washington DC, USASean FooteShanghai Conservatory of Music | Shanghai, ChinaSherpa Studios | St. Louis, MO, USASono Records | Czech RepublicSound Spa Productions | New Jersey, USASpaceflight Records | Austin, TX, USAStonebridge Studios | Leesburg, VA, USAStudio 2010 | Tokyo, JapanStuart Martin Audio | Leesburg, VA USAStudio White Noise | Orlando, FL, USASydney Tan | SingaporeTenda da Reposa | Rio de Janeiro, BrazilThird Man Records | Nashville, TN, USAThe Vault Recording Lounge | Marietta, GA, USAVDS | Kyiv, UkraineUsher (home studio) | Atlanta, GA, USAWillie Nelson’s Pedernales | Austin, TX, USAWoody Tone Studios | Vienna, AustriaYellow Box Studios | Singapore.