Advertise Publicize ... solutions for testing and tracing as well as quarantine measures would be crucial to contain the downside risks across Europe. ... with funds from the Advisory Assistance Programme for environmental protection in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia and other counties neighboring the European Union (AAP). More Trips to Rural Areas in the Future. Rural tourism is a significant sector in Europe and rural destinations appear to be among the most popular for summer holidays, special interest and educational holidays and weekend breaks. The previous WTO seminar on this subject, titled “Rural tourism: a solution for employment, local development and environment” was organized in Israel back in 1996, and it was therefore considered opportune to hold new events of reflection and discussion on the theme of rural tourism. European tourism in numbers 18 EUROPEAN UNION POLICY AND ACTIONS 23 3.1. Friday, November 27, 2020. Rural Tourism in Europe: Experiences, Development and Perspectives. European Union actions and initiatives in tourism 25 TRENDS AND CHALLENGES IN EUROPEAN TOURISM 29 4.1. Evolving visitor demand 29 4.2. EU tourism policy 23 3.2. Europe’s place in global tourism 17 2.2. Seminar on Rural Tourism in Europe: Pathway to Sustainable Development Kielce (Poland), 6 and 7 June 2003 Opening Ceremon y Mrs. Elzbieta Wyrwicz, Deputy Director - Department of Tourism, Ministry of Econom y, Labour and Social Policy Mr. Franciszek Wolodzko, Marshall of … Marketing 32 4.3. European tourism has not started its recovery yet. The issues impacting on rural tourism are discussed. Rural Tourism Europe 2016 • total offer above 500.000 units • 5-6,5 million beds • 20% “Agro”-tourism (working farms) • < 20% “B&B style”, > 80% self-catering • 15% of bed capacity in Europe IMPORTANT FOR SUCCESS: • Diversification of target markets • Valorization of rural assets • Visibility of destination OVERVIEW OF TOURISM IN THE EUROPEAN UNION 17 2.1. It is a sector that breathes life into communities where traditional manufacturing and agricultural sectors are in decline.