Logo History. Replacing the blue with grey, the current Seattle Seahawks logo represents the head of an aggressive-looking or determined sea hawk. amzn_assoc_region = "US";
Learn how to make Nettle Pesto with Tribal Liaison Polly Olsen from ingredients found right in our own backyards! The Seattle Seahawks unveiled their name and original logos to the world on June 17, 1975; at the time, the name 'Seahawks' was described by GM John Thompson as "a tough, fish-eating bird". Learn more about science illustrator Sami Chang's art, research, and mollusc masterpieces! The Seattle Seahawks are a professional American football team organized in 1976 and based in Seattle, Washington, US, that plays in the National Football League.This article details the history of the Seattle Seahawks American football club. In the lead-up to last year’s Super Bowl, Burke Museum Curator of Native American Art Robin K. Wright’s art history students were curious about the design influence for the Seattle Seahawks’ original logo. Seattle Seahawks logo black and white. 201… Logo History. Currently over … The logo artwork was also subtly altered, with an arched eyebrow and a forward-facing pupil suggesting a more aggressive-looking bird. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true";
The logo was designed by NFL Properties in-house design team. The "Clean-Up Veterans" experiences are not often acknowledged or understood. 1970. A special thanks goes to Kwakwaka’wakw artist Andy Everson, Le-La-La dance leader George Taylor, the Blue Thunder drum line, the Seagals, former Seahawks quarterback Jim Zorn, former Seahawks tight end Ron Howard, and Hudson Museum Director Gretchen Faulkner, for helping us celebrate the mask's arrival at the Burke Museum. Now, as the Seahawks prepare to "re-Pete" their visit to the Super Bowl, here’s what we’ve learned so far about the mask that inspired the logo. Scuffs and scratches on the mask show it was used in ceremonies before it was sold. “We knew it was made at the north end of Vancouver Island in the 19th century, but we didn’t know anything else until it came in to the Max Ernst collection,” said Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse, Assistant Director of the Burke Museum’s Bill Holm Center for the Study of Northwest Native Art. Keep reading to discover more about the Seahawks mask and its journey to Seattle. A virtual museum of sports logos, uniforms and historical items. amzn_assoc_search_bar_position = "top";
Visit Burke from Home to enjoy the museum when you can't visit in person. Experience even more. Burke Museum staff carefully unpacks the mask after its arrival. Bruce Alfred studying details on the mask. Land Acknowledgement: The Burke Museum stands on the lands of the Coast Salish Peoples, whose ancestors resided here since time immemorial. The mask bore an undeniable resemblance to the 1976 logo; the Seahawks later unearthed a 1975 Seattle PI article in their archives, in which Seahawks General Manager John Thompson identified the mask as THE definitive inspiration for the Hawks’ logo. The Seahawks logo has not seen much change in the team’s 40-year history. Seattle Seahawks 2020 Predictions!! amzn_assoc_linkid = "61d965643f2f2df12014013a41bde1f7";
Still, there have been many variations over the years to three main colors – blue, gray, and green. 1990. The fierce glare in the eyes of the Seattle Seahawks logo is basically derived from the Egyptian mythology where a falcon enjoyed a superior place in the hieroglyphs. Origin of the Seahawks logo: The story unfolds, Bill Holm Center for the Study of Northwest Native Art, Introducing Dr. Alejandro Rico-Guevara, Curator of Birds, Dr. Alejandro Rico-Guevara Joins Burke Museum, Magnificent Molluscs with Science Illustrator Sami Chang, Making Mount St. Helens Huckleberry Muffins with Polly, Building Family from Tragedy: Clean-Up Veterans and the Marshallese Community. When the Seahawks debuted in 1976, the team’s logo was a stylized royal blue and forest green osprey’s head based on Northwestern tribal art. 1976–2001: The Seahawks enter the NFL as an expansion team in 1976. One of the most successful franchises in American football, the Seahawks are best known for its fans, who set the world record in Noise. Posted on 03/21/2020 by Kent Knight. When the Seahawks debuted in 1976, the team's logo was a stylized royal blue and forest green hawk's head based on Northwestern tribal art.