Just that nudge into defensiveness caused her to want to protect and then bond with that new lamb. to feed some grain during late gestation. The more lambs a ewe has the more feed disease) and tetanus. When things go well, they go great. are similar in size to human babies, usually between 5 and 12 (Unless I need another person to help me catch or hold a ewe to pull a lamb.). I’ve heard many times over the years, and from as far away as Wales and France, from shepherds who tell me that this information saved a lamb’s life. Twin births (two babies) is most common in well-managed flocks and with many breeds of sheep. As the nipples don’t come with a hole, don’t forget to cut off the tip! We’ve found that it needs a bottle with at least three threads in order to be secure without leaking. We have, however, saved some lambs’ lives by using a method outlined in Laura Lawson’s book Managing Your Ewe and her Newborn Lamb, pp. Gestation Speaking of bottle feeding lambs, I long ago posted on my website a recipe for dealing with “Frothy Bloat” which can affect bottle lambs. It is common with twins and triplets. Sometimes new moms will keep circling, not letting the lamb latch on either out of curiosity or annoyance. reduces the ewe's rumen capacity, making her require a more-nutrient dense diet, especially if she is carrying multiple fetuses. First item on the agenda is Clostridium perfringens, type D and C tetani (CD/T) vaccinations. and Romanov. [Sheepman Supply also carries this and advertises in sheep!, while Springwater Animal Supply carries a similar product under another name.— – Editor]. This is a tube of concentrated colostrum which can be stored at room temperature. So while I let the lamb nurse, I turned the ewe’s head back toward the lamb’s rear and made her smell the rear end of the lamb the entire time the lamb was suckling. Ewes who have difficult deliveries appreciate this quick energy. I take an empty bucket into the house and put 1/2 cup molasses in the bottom. One season I had a yearling ewe that gave birth to a white ewe lamb and— 45 minutes later— to a badgerface (tan/brown in coloring) ewe lamb. Many mammals exhibit the Flehman response. A ewe in heat will She had decided her firstborn was her only lamb and no amount of coercion on my part would get her to accept that second lamb. March/April 2012 and regularly vetted for accuracy. We make a point of administering the yearly boosters (2cc) to each sheep on the farm in March (or at least two weeks before the first lambs are expected). If deworming is done, it is recommended that treatment be applied selectively to ewes that need treatment or would benefit from it. Romanov ram. While I let my ewes choose their own spot to give birth to their lambs after the lambs are up and nursing, I move mom and newborns into a pen in the barn. I suspected pregnancy toxemia and immediately gave her CMPK gel. Theirs are the lambs I want to keep—and should be the lambs my customers want to buy—because they have a proven history, a true legacy. One time, a ewe was not talking to or sniffing or licking her lamb. A healthy, mature ram can probably mate 100 (or more) ewes during Smaller, weaker lambs 270-273. A flock of sheep is generally mated by a single ram, which has either been chosen by a farmer or has established dominance through physical contest with other rams (in feral populations). I now just go ahead and give twins of young ewes an extra boost, using supplemental colostrum, “just in … If a ewe doesn't get enough feed during late pregnancy, she may cervix than other animals, making it difficult to pass a standard insemination rod