They turn from green to yellow or tan. Prune off all yellow leaves and rotting roots, then put it in clean water. Soil. Before you can treat bamboo diseases, you have to identify the problem. 14 years ago. Jul 1, 2016 - You can revive a lucky bamboo plant if its stem is rotting. You can revive a rotting bamboo plant if you take immediate action. Difference Between Garden Soil and Top Soil Soil. Bamboo plants generally don't need fertilizing. More on Wealth attraction via feng shui @ Feng Shui To Attract Money; Caring for Feng Shui Bamboo Plant – Here’s How to Keep Them Healthy. i have two lucky bamboo plants (they're not very large.) I've had this bamboo plant for about two years now (rescued it from a Japanese restaurant, lol), and in the past few months it's been looking a little unhealthy. Hydrogen Peroxide Mixture for … Luckily, sick or dying plants display warnings. Lawn Basics. What Is Soil Porosity? In some cases, a very diluted feeding will help revive a sick-looking plant. So will just leave it alone for awhile. Alright, so taking care of the lucky bamboo plant in your home isn’t a tough job. The other I watch too much, water too much, also getting yellow!! help! i used to put them both in the same pot (with rocks instead of soil cuz thats the way i got my older one)and give them water out of the tap. The one doing well is only in water, the yellowed one is in rocks. Step 1 Remove the rotting plant from its current pot if there are other plants in it. Prepare a new pot for the lucky bamboo by putting in small stones and filling the vase halfway with distilled water. Hence, a bamboo plant here will help strengthen the finance & bring in more money in to the family. They can become sickly looking due to water conditions, lighting, lack of nutrition or bacteria and mold. I have several of these bamboo plants. sick bamboo!!! Fertilizer can, in fact, damage and kill a bamboo plant. Use houseplant food diluted one part food to 10 parts water, and then add a couple of drops to your plant's container right after a water change. What to Plant in a North Carolina Garden Vegetable Garden. Treating Bamboo Problems. One is doing well, it is being neglected, which is good. Which Vegetables Grow Best Together in My Container Garden? Vegetable Garden. Bamboo plants require little care and maintenance to thrive, but they are not without their own problems. but the other day i noticed the older one was getting yellow so i took them out and cleaned their roots. Make sure you buy your plants from a reputable nursery, and ask if the plants have been tested for disease. How Tell the Difference Between Snap Peas & English Peas Vegetable Garden. It used to be in a sunnier window and it did very well, but I've had to move it because of my cats. please help!!!!! saquin_soul. Some diseases in bamboo plants are spread primarily through nurseries that sell diseased plants. When I got it it was about two feet tall and very scraggly looking, now it's about four feet. Do I Need to Add Top Soil Before Laying New Sod Down?