Yet I have a … Today, most open tunings for lap steel guitar fall into 3 primary categories: Blues and Rock – open G/open A, or open D/open E Open G is tuned D–G–D–G–B–D; open A raises each … The PDF Arrangement and backing track to accompany our YouTube video “Sleep Walk” – C Lap Steel Guitar Lesson”: Reviews There are no reviews yet. I have a test for any lap steel no matter the brand or age. Non-pedal steel guitars have either six or eight strings that are played in a mind-boggling number of tunings, and some lap steels even have two or three necks to accommodate multiple tunings. John Steele Member . From: Bakersfield, California, USA: posted 10 September 2006 05:36 PM profile If a steel won't sustain the full line then I pass. Sleepwalk is one of our most popular Apps for learning song specific licks and is a favorite of lap steel guitar players worldwide. All three are relatively easy to achieve and can be applied quickly to your instrument. Sleepwalk on Lap Steel in c6th tuning (CEGACE low to high). Share On Facebook. Using the guitar tuner tune the sixth string to the note G. He playsthe G and E notes on the first two strings at the third fret, but then jumps to the fourth fret on the third (G#) string for the C, and to the third string first fret for the A. Tweet This Product. Anyone have "Sleepwalk" tabbed out,or know where to find it? From: Renfrew, Ontario, Canada: posted 11 November 1999 11:14 AM profile Also,email Don E. Curtis at Scotty's Music,Don did Sleepwalk on his current CD "etched in STEEL" and he did an awesome job on that tune. Pin This Product. Thanks. Do you know how to do the palm harmonic line in Sleepwalk? Andy Sandoval Member . Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. But the tuning is clearly C#m in both clips, as can be seen in the way Santo executes the phrase G EGE C A. I had a butcher block Alamo that was pitiful on sustain so I traded it off. The earliest Hawaiian lap steel tuning was open A low bass, E–A–E–A–C♯–E. There are different tunings for the lap steel guitar, but three of the most popular are the High G, High A and the C6 tuning. Based on the tab from at Brad's Page of Steel.