Air fryer potato wedges are a tasty side dish or appetizer that everyone is sure to enjoy. If you love KFC wedges or homemade French fries, you will love these! 5 star values: 1 4 star ... Place potato wedges in a bowl with hot tap water and soak for about 10 minutes. Soak the potatoes and preheat air fryer simultaneously - As explained in the essential tips, soaking and important so try to soak the sliced wedges into warm water for atleast a minimum of 10 mins if not more. Easy Air Fryer Seasoned Potato Wedges is a quick and healthy recipe that uses fresh-cut russet potatoes, Herbes de Provence seasoning, and smoked paprika to produce crispy potato wedges with a soft interior. Air Fryer Spanish Potato Wedges Air Fryer Spanish Potato Wedges. If you are cooking for your family, your kids will truly enjoy. You can use your Power Air Fryer XL, Nuwave, or any brand for this dish. I am a huge fan of the KFC potato wedges, there is something so perfect about their seasoning and crispy wedges. Crispy potatoes with a light and tender middle, seasoned to perfection. Air Fryer Jojo Potato Wedges. Share this recipe! It is a healthy food that you should not worry about. Of great importance still, you use less oil when cooking air fryer potato wedges. It is a snack that you will look forward to have more of. There are few things better than some extra crispy air fryer jojo potato wedges, especially when they are paired with a juicy burger and washed down by a cold beer! We love serving these wedges with air fryer hamburgers, air fryer sausages or air fryer chicken drumsticks. Rating: 4.5 stars 2 Ratings. Remove potatoes from the water, rinse, and pat dry with a paper towel. Additionally, air fryer potato wedges are full of flavor and crispy. Skipping this step might result in not-so-crispy wedges.