10 Spanish Curse Words and Expressions that’d Make your Grandma Blush When it comes to Spanish curse words, there’s a subtle art to swearing. There is an old Spanish saying that says, a man with a cheating … The variance of different cultures from Mexico to Spain, also make it interesting since one swear … If you ever wanted to swear like a Spanish master, I've got you covered with this mini-guide to Spanish swearing. History of Spanish Free Loan Words Greetings & Goodbyes Key Words & Phrases Family & People Numbers Days of the Week & Months of the Year Food Words & Phrases Animal Names Colors ♋ Astrological Signs Random Words & Phrases Romantic Phrases & Love Words Swear Words, Insults & Bad Language Find a Spanish … Spanish is a language that tends to embrace swear words wholeheartedly, with many sentences peppered with expletives that might be deemed inappropriate in other languages. At Lingoda we want our Spanish language students to sound natural. Here you have the 15 most common Spanish curse words … Whether it be venting in a moment of frustration, expressing enthusiasm or making an exclamation of pain or disgust, Spanish … You will often see little old ladies swearing like troopers in Spain, and you soon get used to it. Our students are the type who travel and interact with native Spanish speakers, who probably use Spanish curse words and insults in Spanish. What a bastard Spanish Translation: Qué Cabrón In reality, a “cabron” is a big male goat that has giant horns. Many Spanish curse words … Lets take a walk through the Gritty streets of Spain, learn some Spanish curse words and insults while we are at it. If you wanna speak more like a native from Spain, then you need to learn a few Slang words if you are serious! I am talking about the swear words and phrases. Our sources from Mexico provided us this list of 10 Mexican Spanish Swear Words … Spanish Curse Words and Phrases. That includes Spanish insults and curse words. But there are also some swear words … Swearing is a great way to learn a foreign language and even achieve fluency. But there’s a bigger reason to learn Spanish curse words. When you learn Spanish at home or learn Spanish online, you might hear phrases and repeat them without knowing their true meaning. Knowing a few Spanish curse words could certainly help convey how you feel, and form a stronger emotional attachment to your second language. Spanish swear words have one of the most creative expressions and origins, as you’ll see below. In this 5th entry of “Words and Phrases Not Taught in School” it is Mexico’s turn.