Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing industries will likely hire many statisticians for their growing R&D. Online degrees on Coursera are powered by technology that helps you spark meaningful connections with faculty and your peers. U.S. News and World Report ranks NC State #80 in best national universities. Online students accepted to Texas A&M University-College Station can pursue an online Master of Science in Statistics degree with optional certifications in Biostatistics, Data Mining with SAS or Applied Emphasis. NC State’s master’s in statistics online. Their work may be used for a variety of different purposes, such as figuring out how to best treat a large population during an epidemic, or understanding how a particular treatment will affect an individual. We researched a number of schools to find the best value programs. Texas A&M University’s online master’s in statistics. An online doctoral degree in statistics enhances students’ understanding and abilities in the areas of applications and research practices and equips them to develop and support new IT innovations. In addition, statisticians will be needed in areas of research and development. OSU is a highly ranked and affordable institution. U.S. News and World Report ranks RIT #102 in best national universities and #43 in best value schools. Also, the program may be completed in an on-campus format, completely online, or as a blended option. 100% online classes! Students in these programs will learn how to use mathematics, statistics, and computational tools to carry out in-depth analyses in a variety of different areas and effectively communicate these results to others. Harvard School of Public Health News. While the GRE is not required for admission, prerequisite courses are. University of Delaware is ranked by major publications like U.S. News and World Report. Several areas of focus to assist in honing your skills include clinical trials, informatics, industrial statistics, and machine learning and data mining. Accessed August 22, 2016. Top-ranked programs may ask for qualifying scores, while others may waive the graduate exam if the undergraduate GPA is above a certain level, such as 3.5 or 3.0. B.S. These professionals look at data that has to do with the health of both the population as a whole and individuals. Ranked and accredited. in Statistics. Students in these programs will learn how to use mathematics, statistics, and computational tools to carry out in-depth analyses in a variety of different areas and effectively communicate these results to … Accessed August 22, 2016. It lands a top 5 spot on our ranking due to affordability. With the lowest tuition rate on our list, TAMU effectively earns an A+ score for its top value. Some schools require a minimum GPA, letters of recommendation, and/or standardized test scores (typically the SAT or ACT). For some statistician career choices, like those in research or academia, candidates may be required to hold a doctoral degree. All Queen’s Arts and Science Online courses are open to students at other universities. Using various analysis techniques, statisticians can make inferences about trends, correlate relationships between variables, and even project future outcomes. An online associate degree in statistics is usually a two-year program. Study statistics online and learn how to turn raw data into actionable information. The fully accredited online master’s in statistics degree is designed for working professionals looking to further their careers or move into a ne… The degree requires the completion of 30 semester hours, which includes coursework in linear models, statistical consulting, statistical methods, statistical programming in SAS, and statistical theory. Fast track affordable degree programs allow professional adults to finish college earn a degree and advance their careers. Next, insurance carriers and related activities paid statisticians $81,660 on average. Bachelor degree holders will be eligible for entry-level jobs as statisticians in the field of healthcare, federal government, local government, or financial agencies. University of Delaware’s statistics degree online! She was also the first woman elected to membership in the National Academy of Sciences in 1975. Also, of note, the institution ranks with U.S. News and World Report as the 106th best national university and 145th best value school. Coursework generally includes statistical analysis, decision theory, Bayesian statistics, probability theory, applied statistics, statistics in bioinformatics, and applied algebra. Bachelor of Statistics, distance learning degree programs for adult learners at the bachelors, masters, and doctoral level. Accreditation also plays an important role in job searching because many employees will not recognize degrees unless it has been received through an accredited program. Individuals seeking an affordable statistics degree online can take advantage of the options offered by University of Illinois. University of South Carolina’s master’s in applied statistics. Students can complete a master's program in two to five years through 30 to 40-credit hours of study. Accessed August 22, 2016. Accessed August 24, 2016. Graduates will be prepared for jobs as statisticians in fields such as health and medicine, government, and business. The program boasts placement of recent graduates at places like Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Environmental Protection Agency, and SAS Institute. The role of the statistician in any industry or organization is to analyze data and apply statistical techniques to help solve real-world challenges faced in business, healthcare, and other industries. See also Apply. Accessed August 22, 2016. Online statistics degrees are available at all degree levels. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Occupational Outlook Handbook, the median annual pay for statisticians was $87,780 in May 2018. Classes in the degree program cover such subjects as informatics, calculus, oral communication, computer science, social sciences, logic, statistics, databases, database design, probability, data science, and programming. For instance, if you enroll as a part-time student, you can expect to spend more time completing your degree. Students learn from case-based approaches and free access to Statistical Analysis System (SAS) software. The large increase in jobs will open up new areas for analysis, which will call on the expertise of statisticians. The online master’s in statistics emphasizes applied analytics and consists of 36 credits. In fact, U.S. News ranks the school #106 in best national universities. This is helpful for those interested in a STEM-related career, as many require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Also, U.S. News and World Report ranks Penn State #59 in best national universities. Approximately 12,600 new jobs are expected to be added to the discipline as industries continue to strive to make more informed business, healthcare, and policy decisions. One of the top statistics degree online programs on our list comes from Rochester Institute of Technology. Statistics students will be required to complete 30 to 45 units of study and can complete their online master's education in two to five years based on full or half time enrollment. However, program length depends on enrollment, as well as other factors. The master’s in statistics online degree program at University of Delaware prepares qualified candidates for the rapidly changing and growing positions as data analysis professionals. Also, several of the school’s online graduate programs have received top rankings. Graduates of an online statistics program may find employment at government agencies at the state, local, and government level. Graduates of an online statistics program may find employment in a variety of different fields including government, healthcare, finance, and education. Coursework for the online master’s in statistics covers both statistical theory and computing, while concentrations are available in educational statistics, industrial statistics, or SAS certification. Start gaining the skills you need to work more effectively as a practicing statistician and make an impact in nearly any industry. Classes cover topics like data analytics, introduction to statistical methods, multivariate analytics, modern statistical methods for large and complex data sets, statistical methods for genomics research, and survey methods. Also, employers often view education as experience, so individuals with a statistics degree online master’s have a higher earnings potential than those with only a bachelor’s.