. Virtual Contact (Social media or Someone You’ve Worked with Via the Internet), 4. However, for business email accounts, this number is usually much, much higher. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Sometimes a friend-of-a-friend is someone with whom you’d like to keep contact for the sake of business. [NAME], did you have the time to think about our call from the other day? You may have met in a relaxed setting, such as a bar or house gathering, so it can be tricky to navigate the waters. 3. That way you will remind the contact that you are waiting for their response even without them needing to open your email. Bear in mind that you should always mention their name in the subject line, and also don’t be afraid to sprinkle a couple of emojis here and there if appropriate. Here are three examples of “Keeping in Touch” emails, plus a “Getting Back in Touch” template. Make your subject line quite descriptive. You want to keep it conversational but not too lengthy. 1. How in gmail you can insert draft email when composing. Maybe you met a person at an event and want to reach out electronically. Make it brief – but not too brief. Even being overly polite can’t hurt. It’s easy with friends and family. Sample keep in touch email . These few examples can point you the right direction: 1. Subject line examples for grabbing influencer’s attention, 1. Always express your disappointment that the person is leaving. Try finding something interesting in their work or life (no creepy stuff) to use in your subject line. 10 simple but effective email subject lines for any occasion, 1. You can also mention mutual friends that feel the same way. PR & Media Relations Supporting the team by communicating Mailbird and its great features to existing and potential users and media. Hope we can discuss it sometimes. Here is a touching-base email just for that situation! It’s easy with friends and family–you just reach out with a specific memory or sentiment, and voilá! These working relationships … . or perhaps you call it the “just checking in –” Many freelancers preach the importance of keeping contacts warm and following up with the elusive “almost-clients.” It’s a simple idea in principle, but when it comes time to actually draft that simple, stupid, no-problem email . Let me know if you’d like me to pass along his contact information. Depending on the form of the meetup and the time spent communicating with your contact prior to emailing him/her, you can go either casual or polite with your follow-up email subject line: 1. How to Sort Gmail By Sender — Save Time Searching for Emails, A Complete Guide to Creating a Business Email Account. Ahhh the famed “keep in touch email” . Just keep this in mind when coming up with your email subject lines or use one of our examples, and you will undoubtedly have more success in networking. Check out the following subject line examples: 1. You may want to stay in touch with an old coworker who has left the company. There are a variety of situations that may necessitate a “touching base” email. Tell them that you and your friends or your team will miss them and their value to the team. Because you have already met, you can go with a simpler email subject line, similar to these examples: 1. Wow! My opinion on [TOPIC], let me know what you think, 6. These working relationships often blur the lines of business and friendship. “Keep in touch” means to maintain close contact with someone. Hi [NAME], [MUTUAL CONTACT NAME] friend here. Introducing yourself to an expert for networking purposes, 1. Your email address will not be published. Of course, there are people in between work acquaintance and your close social circle. To make a good first impression, you need to: Okay, so having that in mind, let’s look at some examples of email subject lines for various situations when introducing yourself. to speak with an old contact! Receiving an email a day seems like a benchmark for personal accounts, what with all the ads coming in. I just wanted to send out a personal letter to ask how you were coping with your X32 sweeper and how it’s been treating you. Referred by [MUTUAL CONTACT NAME] to discuss [TOPIC]. “Stay in touch” is usually said to someone who is far away, while “keep in touch” can be used in the same context and also when someone is close by, but you want to remain in contact with the person. Reality #8: The word “invitation” no longer qualifies as a best email subject line for sales and marketing. How do you reach out to someone for merely the sake of keeping up the relationship? You’ll notice that most of the subject lines listed above are short. Just read your opinion on [TOPIC]. If you’re not too busy, I’d love to meet up for coffee sometime next week and chat, if that works for you! Once you’ve chosen a subject line, keep the following networking email tips in mind: 1. [NAME], can you please help me with [TOPIC], Do you need more email outreach tips? Regardless of the level of professionalism in your connection with another, there are probably details you remember about them. 1) Create a database for potential clients in a spreadsheet detailing all of your past and potential clients. However, networking can be super awkward. You just reach out with a specific memory or sentiment, and voilá! It was an honor talking to you in that meetup, [NAME]. Former Colleague “Keep in Touch” Email Template, 3. Hello, Mr.|Mrs. You can also use the Mailbird Contact Manager for that.2) Trust your gut and take necessary action.3) Arrange meetings with them.4) Create a blog with them in mind.5) Send them newsletters as regularly as possible.6) Drop comments on their blogs.7) Reach out to them via Twitter. Is there a quick way to insert draft template into an email? Friend-of-a-Friend “Getting Back in Touch” Email Template. Subject line for a follow-up email after a networking event Networking events can be stressful, especially if you don’t attend them often. 4 Options for a “Keep In Touch” Email Sample in 2020. This post provides 27 networking email subject lines as well as 9 full email templates that you can model after for various networking scenarios, to make great connections. Hi [NAME], let’s collaborate on this great project, 3. Remember, someone who is an established expert won’t be impressed nor has the time for witty humor or approach that can be interpreted as disrespectful.