Also more economical and more enjoyable to ride. The GSF1250 Bandit's frame and suspension have also been upgraded to give a sumptuous, well-mannered mileage machine that can also run in the twisties. The bike is phsically heavier than the old one, but feels much lighter, better balanced, and is a lot more flickable. The riding position took me a whille to get used to because I'd only ever ridden sportbikes before, but now feels perfectly balanced and neutral. Had the bike Three and a half years and still luvin it. Granted it don't run with the Busa, but it is far more comfortable. I had my GSF1250SA GT now for just over a year and did just over 4500 miles. VAT no 918 5617 01 i have been into sportsbikes all my life but this machine has bought me so much fun i couldnt imagine going back to a sportsbike. It would be more but I run a few bikes. Along with this, it can go as far as 15K miles between services. Drives from idle without throttle and pulls hard up to 7k. Hell of a bike for the money, fair play to Suzuki. It had 500 miles on the clock then and now is nearing 25,000 miles. Buying experience: Bought from a dealer price was £5300 I paid £4700 the bike was 1 year old with 450 miles showing. Good headlight and excellent who's make it great for miles. It is a real world bike. Paid £4500.00 in 2007. A friend explained that it may be because of the thin engine walls. With nigh-on 80ftlb of torque delivered to the rear wheel at 3700rpm, the Suzuki GSF1250 Bandit’s new six-speed gearbox needs little provocation. Certainly the suspension & brakes have improved. Not a track ready sportsbike, but way faster than you'll use on the street and almost touring levels of comfort. The ABS is not intrusive. 54 owners have reviewed their SUZUKI GSF1250 BANDIT (2007 - 2012) and rated it in a number of areas. The GSF1250 will cheerfully pull from 3500rpm in top gear and run on to 140+mph. A 1255cc machine that can be used for touring, scratching or as a genuine workhorse should be an expensive piece of kit as it’s many motorcycles in one wheelbase. Bought this bike new in July 07 after trading an 05 GSF650SA. you will NOT regret buying one! Only thing that lets it down is the brakes (lack bite and feel) and how easy it corrodes. I had a 1999 sv650 which I was more than happy with. There’s no reason to believe the new GSF1250 Bandit will be any different; Suzuki is aiming for existing Bandit customers to upgrade while attracting new customers with its revised performance. it revs to 12000 yeaaaaah, 4 years old and still looks like new. The reserve starts flashing way to early but you get used to it. PS. 2011: Bandit 1250SA (ABS, adustable seat) [£7,555]. 18 Jan, 2019 10:29 AM Overview. I'd highly recommend one to anyone big enough to put it on the main stand, it's a heavy bike. The most exotic feature is ABS so there isn't much to go wrong. Performance is great as is the handling however I am no speed demon when it comes to the country roads. But no. my previous bike was a 94 (n) triumph speed triple 900cc, i just wanted something newer and did not like the new speed triple- too stubby and don't like one sided swinging arm! I used to own a 97 600s, the 1250 is light years away. It's taken me on the Iron Butt/RBLR 1000 and to Budapest and back for the weekend without a single issue. Insurance was £90 a year and fuel consumption around 45mpg. - Suzuki has used the same engine in their bike, which has been used before on Suzuki GSX R150 and Suzuki GSX S150 bikes. Had my bike just over a month and the torque is fantastic on the twisties. When it comes to value for money, this one year old bike with 4K on the clock cost £4800 including everything and the suzuki warranty. Fuel consumption is around the 50-55 mpg mark but I am a steady rider. Away from the lights it'll stick with anything due to that torque. good enough for 2 oudens, 2007 needed a gear indicator and heated grips put these on myself. basic stuff. What a bike, it is quick, comfortable, handles really well, it's fun, great two up, my wife and I are very comfortable on it. Built like a brick s...t house and reliable. The only complaints I initially had was slight surging on a steady throttle at low speed (cured by disconecting the O2 sensor) and slightly stiff front forks (cured with progressive springs £100). I have serviced the bike myself every 4000 miles unless it needs the valve doing and is very easy. A lot of bike for a bargain. it does everything i want from a bike, wether local or distance it never fails to make me smile. My other half retired from riding pillion and being a tad older wanted something a bit smaller, with some 'stonk' and also a capable long distance summer tourer for my yearly trips to the Alps and later Spain. Suzuki Bandit 150 Review.