A real live Water-baby sitting on the white Sand: 168: They did not want any Introductions there: 170: The Water-babies come inshore after every Storm: 173: And the Fishes told the Water-babies: 175: A very tremendous Lady she was: 180: Then she called up all the careless Nursery-maids: 186: More than half of them were nasty . . We don't have an article named Characters/TheWaterBabies1978, exactly. See the list below. More by this Author. More Books. Pages: 240 Genre: Fantasy/Fairy Tale Contents[show] Description Tom is a chimney sweep, who works for an abusive Mr. Grimes. Page 13 of 16. If you want to start … The Water Babies, the Reverend Charles Kingsley’s 1862 novel about the young chimney sweep, Tom, who finds redemption from the horrors of his … But, instead of that, she sat quite still with her chin upon her hand, looking down into the sea with two great grand blue eyes, as blue as the sea itself. The Water Babies Charles Kingsley Illustrator: Jessie Willcox Smith Published: 1862-1863 (serial) Country: U.K. Mr. Grimes swears, drinks, and smokes, and Tom is left to wonder if he will be like that when he becomes a man. . Tom's moral evolution is “frivolous about the serious” because he has not been instructed about his moral lessons. The Water-Babies Charles Kingsley Chapter VII. We do have:WesternAnimation/The Water Babies 1978WMG/The Water Babies 1978If you meant one of those, just click and go. The Water-Babies rescripts Christian seriousness through Sontag's notion of “[camp as] serious about the frivolous” (61). Inexact title. One example is Tom’s quest to find the other water-babies to play with. The Water Babies was released in 1987 by Screen Legends, re-released in 1989 by Pickwick Video and re-released again in 1993 by Mr. Pickwick