Sample dozens of open-pollinated heirloom tomatoes—including favorites and rare varieties from SSE’s seed bank—at our annual FREE Tomato Tasting event. For over 30 years Diggers has been trialling and tasting tomatoes and we now believe we have the tastiest range on offer in Australia. Taste-Test Winners & Favorites Every year, our staff of growers put dozens of varieties to the taste test, and many of the winners earn a spot in our catalog. The Worst Things You Can Do While … In the interest of finding a great-tasting canned tomato for pizza-making, a small group of pizza and tomato enthusiasts taste-tested 16 different canned tomatoes. Enjoy these taste-test champions, along with winners from our annual Tomato Tasting event, and other top-tasting picks from our staff. 'Dester' tomato was the second favorite at this year's tasting. Why You Should 100% Make Your Mashed Potatoes In An Instant Pot. Attend demonstrations, judge a salsa contest, and celebrate fall in our beautiful gardens. In the small tomato taste test the #1 rankings went to our orange cherry, our pink cherry, and a small red salad/plum tomato bred from our pink cherry (which took three of the five #1 rankings.) Though this tasting is not as scientifically rigorous as it might be, there were some interesting observations. TOMATO TASTE TEST WINNERS COLLECTION: Solanum lycopersicum L. Member $14.95. taste test tomato sauce barilla Taste Giada De Laurentiis. Nutritionists Weigh In. MORE IN Food & Drink. Last year's champion proved that its victory was no fluke. Second, the "DOP" tomatoes we tasted did not score very high at all. High price is not predicative of good flavor. 2016 Tomato Tasting Winners September 07, 2016 / Alicia Chilton, Seed Savers Exchange While most eyes were on who was taking gold, silver, and bronze in Rio this summer, tomato fans eagerly awaited the outcome of a different kind of competition: the Seed Savers Exchange Tomato Tasting. The ‘Dester’ is a large, full-flavored, pink beefsteak tomato, and can currently be found as part of our Heirloom Tomato Collection or sold as single packets here. We know our tomatoes! Second and third place rankings also went to the black cherry, and Thai pink (which won the most #1 votes in our overall test … Is Thanksgiving Turkey Healthy?