Ghost peppers are one of the hottest chilis in the world and, while I like some heat, they’re far too hot for me. Our beer-infused ghost pepper … This made from scratch spicy BBQ sauce featuring one of the hottest peppers in the world doesn't need corn syrup, thickeners, or other artificial ingredients to send your mouth into a state of fiery euphoria. But I was game to give the pepper-infused syrup a try anyway and brought a bottle home with me. Previous Next Start Slideshow Our supplier starts each batch of Trader Joe’s Ghost Chile BBQ Sauce with a sweet, smoky base that includes tomato paste, cane sugar, molasses, & even a bit of pineapple juice concentrate, then expands on those flavors with a savory blend of herbs & spices. Trader Joe's Ghost Chile BBQ Sauce If your taste buds can handle the heat, kick your BBQ up a notch with this sauce made with the infamously spicy ghost peppers. Then, of course, they turn up the heat with a bit of real ghost pepper … Spicy BBQ Chicken Wrap. This sauce is perfect for first-time heat-seekers and long-time heat-lovers.