In this post, we’ll breakdown UCSD admissions statistics, including, All You Need To Know About UCSD Acceptance Rates And Stats, , it is even more important to have solid grades, high-quality extracurriculars, and, UCSD does not have a minimum SAT/ACT score requirement. UCSD is especially known for science and engineering — in fact, it was named the 4th best public university for high quality science by Nature. Here are the admissions statistics you should know, including SAT/ACT scores and GPAs of admitted students. The middle 50% of students admitted to University of San Diego received a composite ACT score between 26 and 31, while 25% scored above 31 and 25% scored below 26. In fact, 70 percent of UCSD undergraduate students receive financial aid. This means that for every 100 students who applied, 32 students were admitted, making UC San Diego's admissions process competitive. Wondering what it takes to become a Triton? Out-of-state applicants will still have the option of submitting test scores during this period. University of California will institute a test-blind policy for in-state applicants beginning with the 2022-23 admissions cycle. The admissions data in the graph is self-reported by applicants to UC San Diego. The average ACT score composite at UCSD is a 30. UCSD Acceptance Rate and Admission Statistics by major: The University of California, San Diego Acceptance rate for 2021 is what we are going to discuss on this page. However, being such a prestigious university, no shortage of students are rejected. However, in the 2018-2019 cycle, 75 percent of accepted freshmen had an SAT score of 1300+ or an ACT score of 28+. So, to all you STEM fanatics, the 25th percentile won’t cut it: shoot for at least a 1520 on the SAT or a 34 on the ACT to set yourself apart from the rest of the STEM focused crowd. Applicants may submit SAT or ACT scores, but they are not required. In 2019, the middle 50% of University of California, San Diego's incoming class had weighted high school GPAs between 4.03 and 4.28. Subject tests are not required, but are recommended for students with an interest in science and engineering majors. This admissions data tells us that most of UC San Diego's admitted students fall within the top 18% nationally on the ACT. For applicants who submit scores, note that UC San Diego does not consider the optional SAT essay section. In 2019, Forbes ranked UCSD as the nation’s 13th, . The 25th percentile ACT score is 26, and the 75th percentile ACT score is 33. That means, if you or your child is applying to UCSD, scoring above 30 means the ACT is working in your favor. Some of UCSD’s top majors include: Tuition for UCSD students during the 2019-2020 academic year was $14,451 for California residents and $44,205 for nonresidents. The school is particularly strong in the sciences, social sciences, and engineering. UC San Diego does not superscore SAT results; your highest combined score from a single test date will be considered. As the data shows, the majority of students who got into UCSD had at least a B+ average, an SAT score (ERW+M) above 1100, and an ACT composite score of 22 or higher. Contact UsCollege Admissions CounselingCollege Essay CoachingCollege Admissions Blog, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Wondering what it takes to become a Triton? by Jessica Wang | Jun 17, 2020 | UC acceptance rates, UC Admissions. In 2019, Forbes ranked UCSD as the nation’s 13th best value college. So, to be a competitive applicant, you should have — at the very least — a 1300 SAT or 28 ACT. Considering applying to UC San Diego? Keep in mind that California residents who apply must have a GPA of 3.0 or better with no grade lower than a C in 15 college preparatory "a-g" courses. During the 2018-19 admissions cycle, 39% of UC San Diego's admitted students submitted ACT scores. While SAT scores are no longer required, an SAT score of 1520 or higher is considered competitive for UC San Diego. How much does it cost to go to UCSD for 4 years? Chances of admission improve as those numbers go up. for high quality science by Nature. On the math section, 50% of admitted students scored between 660 and 790, while 25% scored below 660 and 25% scored above 790. The average ACT score was 31 The average SAT score was 1420 For students who took the ACT, the 25th percentile score of successful applicants was 28, and the 75th percentile score was 34. University of California will institute a test-blind policy for in-state applicants beginning with the 2022-23 admissions cycle. For students who took the SAT, the 25th percentile score was 1300.