Permission Granted Apply Now. [Usually supposed to be written by Eudemus, but possibly an early draft of the Nicomachean Ethics.] But the worst vices of the Inquisition were the widespread system of delation it encouraged by paying informers out of the property of the condemned, and its action as a trading and landholding association. in 104 9 a writing denouncing the vices of the clergy and entitled Liber Gomorrhianus; and soon became associated with Hildebrand in the work of reform. Believing in the perfectibility of the race, that there are no innate principles, and therefore no original propensity to evil, he considered that "our virtues and our vices may be traced to the incidents which make the history of our lives, and if these incidents could be divested of every improper tendency, vice would be extirpated from the world.". During the 18th century the Indian title to the soil was rapidly extinguished, and at the same time the vices and diseases of the stronger race were gradually reducing their numbers. We’ve used italics for vice versa in this post because we’re talking about the term itself, but in ordinary use there’s no need to italicize it or to enclose it in quotation marks. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. A thing might have these two opposite vices; but it must be a rather queer thing if it did. This little treatise stands almost alone in Proverbs; the great mass of its aphorisms relate to vices and faults which, though possible in any tolerably well-organized community, were specially prominent in the cities in which the Jews dwelt after the conquests of Alexander. Prince and followers alike soon earned hatred, the former showing the incurable vices of his character, and pulling the beards of the chieftains. Ibn Batuta's statements and anecdotes regarding the showy virtues and solid vices of Sultan Muhammad Tughlak are in entire agreement with Indian historians, and add many fresh details. What does vices mean? The state of morals is mirrored in the canons denouncing prevalent vices. Beside these works Ranch wrote a famous moralizing poem, entitled " A new song, of the nature and song of certain birds, in which many vices are punished, and many virtues praised.". Among the people there was no public opinion to discourage despotism; the majority accepted their lot as inevitable, and tried rather to reproduce than to restrain the vices of their rulers. : The vise is a workbench tool and should be firmly secured before being used. Mouldy in your vices and obscurity. , Drinking in excess is a vice that could lead to an addictive behavior. Inscriptions of later date state that it was only a vices of the Viennese province, while mentioning the fact that a gild of boatmen flourished there. 5, for the story of how Aristotle chose Theophrastus as his successor and their relative vices. In fact, virtue (which he defined as "every performance by which man, contrary to the impulse of nature, should endeavour the benefit of others, or the conquest of his own passions, out of a rational ambition of being good") is actually detrimental to the state in its commercial and intellectual progress, for it is the vices (i.e. In the classification of particular virtues and vices we can distinguish very clearly the elements supplied by the different teachings which Aquinas has imbibed. Most people chose this as the best definition of vice: The definition of a vice... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. What may be called the modern " art " current, with its virtues and vices, is as strong in Denmark as in England. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Paquette has been senior vice president of maintenance and airport operations. It has been said of the mestizos elsewhere that they inherit the vices of both races and the virtues of neither. 6. In them are mingled the vices and virtues. This feeling explains his detestation of foreign manners and superstitions, his loathing not only of inhuman crimes and cruelties but even of the lesser derelictions from selfrespect, his scorn of luxury and of art as ministering to luxury, his mockery of the poetry and of the stale and dilettante culture of his time, and perhaps, too, his indifference to the schools of philosophy and his readiness to identify all the professors of stoicism with the reserved and close-cropped puritans, who concealed the worst vices under an outward appearance of austerity. In the Utopia, which, though written earlier, More had allowed to be printed as late as 1516, he had spoken against the vices of power, and declared for indifference of religious creed with a breadth of philosophical view of which there is no other example in any Englishman of that age. , During the religious holiday, I will try to give up one vice and live a better life. Society is described as honeycombed with crimes and vices; prophets, priests, princes and the people generally are said to practise unblushingly extortion, oppression, murder, falsehood, adultery (xxii.). (313-389), from what appears to be the only MS. The word vice can be defined as a bad habit or ongoing pattern of behavior that represents moral weakness or depravity. Cut back on vices such as sweets, fast food, junk food and caffeine. Vice definition, an immoral or evil habit or practice. Not for special facts, but for a general estimate, no writer is more instructive than Salvian of Marseilles in the 5th century, whose work De Gubernatione Dei "is full of passages contrasting the vices of the Romans with the virtues of the barbarians, especially of the Goths. , Mrs. Jenkins is the neighborhood hypocrite who talks about the sins of others but fails to mention her own vice of shoplifting. In this chronique the gods, like other gods, are adventurous warriors, adulterers, incestuous, homicidal, given to animal transformations, cowardly, and in fact charged with all human vices, and credited with magical powers. Example sentences with the word vices. These works deal with music, rhetoric, ethics, signs, virtues and vices, and defend the Epicurean standpoint against the Stoics and the Peripatetics.