Pavel did the same thing and more with the Russian Kettlebell Challenge. As an ex-gymnast, I have always reveled in the speed and momentum training that kettlebell work not only allows but encourages. She knew this would be the ticket to putting her Secret Service Snatch Test (SSST) numbers over the top. /, By clutchnshift A kettlebell snatch is a dynamic exercise performed with a kettlebell. It is definitely a must read. What a great combination! Vikings were warriors. Simple but not easy, as I love to say. Louie Simmons turned the powerlifting world upside down with his inspired reinvention of how to train the powerlift. Allow up to two business days for this process to be completed. This book is terrific - as thorough and comprehensive as anything I've read recently. Put two athletes side by side… Get the book, Viking Warrior Conditioning by Kenneth Jay, Master RKC. Kenneth Jay outlines almost every question you could probably come up with. Thank-you, my brother! /. Now, finally, here is the complete theory and battleplan for forging that heart of elastic steel—from the Viking warrior himself. The information on improving the snatch technique has helped me tighten up my form and has improved my explosiveness as well. After completing the 15:15 protocol in about a month and a half my resting heart rate dropped from 54 to 45, my blood pressure dropped from 110/80 to 80 over 50 and I went from being able to hold my breath from 1 minute to easily over 2 minutes. Log chopping is a great strength and conditioning exercise that will give anyone devastating power for swinging a sword or throwing a punch. How sure are we that Viking Warrior Conditioning (paperback) will work for you? !Welcome to the Viking Warrior Workout, a brutal workout aimed at developing muscular strength, muscular endurance, speed and power. Having gotten permission to use a lighter bell, I felt quite safe focusing on moving the weight as quickly as I could during the snatches and trying to do the prescribed number of sets and reps. This kettlebell snatch protocol has delivered massive improvements in maximum oxygen uptake in countless athletes. There are two Viking Warrior protocols: The results speak for themselves. VWC is even better than the lecture. Not for the faint-hearted!Click below to skip the introductionBloodthirsty BeginningsThe Vikings were the … One year later, at the next Level 2 RKC Certification, Kenneth unveiled his latest addition to the VO2max program—the BOOST, a peaking protocol—and again, he put the candidates through their paces after the lecture. /, By Prentiss Rhodes "Based on painstaking, original research on subjects ranging from untrained folks to members of the Danish Olympic team, By Asha Wagner, RKCII With NO compromises.". For those of you unfamiliar with it, the first level workout has you preforming 6-9 kettlebell snatches every 15 seconds with a 1:1 rest ratio for as long as you can maintain that pace (maxing out at 80 sets). VWC is so addictive you just can't stop. My conditioning is better than ever and I now know that I can take it up 4 more levels! Conditioning. Viking Warrior Conditioning (paperback) -. Archived. This new VO2max training program maximized both these attributes to the hilt, all the while using weights that were so safe that anyone could do them—anyone who could handle the workload, that is! Title: Viking Warrior Conditioning Kenneth Jay, Author: Kristel Gantner, Name: Viking Warrior Conditioning Kenneth Jay, Length: 6 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2013-03-22 Issuu company logo Issuu Viking Warrior Conditioning - The 36:36 Max VO2 Protocol : 19 snatches with 16 Kg Kettlebell in 36 seconds with 36 seconds of rest interval. I look forward to putting the plan into action and reclaiming lost Viking heritage.Many topics are covered: the theory behind the protocols, the actual protocols (covered in great detail so that anyone can understand them), testimonials, sample programs, interviews - really, just everything you'd want.I highly recommend purchase, it is worth far more than the amount I paid for it. With Viking Warrior Conditioning the Dane of Pain has chronicled the five protocols and explained both the science behind them and EXACTLY how to implement them into a training program. So we’re going to need to be strong and talented in order to replicate them. The results speak for themselves. Thank you for your review. /, By Joe McMahon He provides just enough information about what goes on with your body & heart to make it literally educational and not boring. What to expect from Viking Warrior Conditioning? I just finished reading the book Viking Warrior Conditioning by Kenneth Jay. I remember sitting in the auditorium at the Level 2 RKC Certification when Kenneth unveiled this new regime and I heard him speak about building a heart of "elastic steel" using only the 16 kg kettlebell. /, By James Neidlinger Continuing with a step-by-step description of his Viking Warrior Conditioning regimes, Jay walks the reader through the fine details of his method. /, By David Whitley, SRKC Viking Warrior Conditioning captures these feelings and brings a whole new revolutionary approach to this kind of conditioning. It has definitely helped me stay in great condition, and my clients are making tremendous gains. His down-to-earth writing takes the abstractions of calculations and puts them into the tangibles of training.