Switching between a high-pass filter (selected) and band-pass filter ... FabFilter’s Pro-DS plugin (my go-to plugin for de-essing vocals) All help files. ... For example, in the Waves de-esser below, we can choose between a high-pass filter and band-pass filter. The FabFilter Pro-DS and the e2Deesser don't exhibit the same side affect in my experience. FabFilter Pro-DS online help. When using the ‘Allround’ mode, Pro-DS becomes a great tool for high-frequency limiting of any material, like drums or even full mixes. Along the top is a waveform display which scrolls from left to right; where Pro DS … Fabfilter Pro-DS. There are several de-esser plugins with different options. Fabfilter Pro-DS Waves Sibilance / Renaissannce DeEsser Oeksound Soothe Oxford SuperEsser DMG Audio Essence Hofa IQ DeEsser Hornet Sybilla Eiosis E²Deesser WEISS DS-1 Massey De:Esser 5. To brighten up your sound during mastering, you can use Pro-DS as a high-frequency limiter. Mastering does not always require dynamic equalizers or multi-band compressors. However, most have similar controls to set the frequency range, threshold, amount of attenuation, sidechain filtering, and volume. Their de-esser plugin is no exception. With gain reduction and filter technology from the award winning Pro-C and Pro-Q plugins, Pro-DS combines powerful signal processing with a a comfortable, easy to understand interface. Fabfilter makes some of the most advanced digital mixing tools you can find. Anyone who's used Fabfilter's other plug-ins will be immediately at home with the Pro DS interface, which shares many of their innovative and intuitive design features. Waves Sibilance The sibilance in your vocal track is WAY too loud. If your Waves De-esser is working fine, don't sweat it. 2. Dynamic Equalizer & Multi-band Compressor. With its ‘Single Vocal’ detection algorithm, FabFilter Pro-DS can accurately identify sibilance in vocal recordings and attenuates it transparently. This reduces the dynamic range of the gain reduction: all sibilance will then be reduced by (roughly) the same amount (specified by Range). That said, I have the Ren De-esser and always felt it dulled the entire source, even while not de-essing anything. Sibilance Isn't Golden.