His two books were the longest. What percentage of the New Testament did Luke write? Hence, this one man is responsible (either in whole or in part) for about one-third of the New Testament (32%, to be precise). No. What percentage of the New Testament did Luke write? 1 Questions & Answers Place. Thus, St. Luke wrote (or assisted in writing) about 44,500 words of the New Testament, which is about 138,000 words in total. 2.) “A Christian pastor said, I’ve never liked Paul. Nov 3, 2019 #8. Thank you 15 for participating, have a good night. He inspired and empowered Luke's words through the Holy Spirit and used Luke to write 28% of the New Testament. In addition to some language derived from the New Testament in the liturgy itself (e.g., the Trisagion may be based on Apocalypse 4:8, and the beginning of the "Hymn of Praise" draws upon Luke 2:14), the reading of extended passages from the New Testament is a practice common to almost all Christian worship, liturgical or not. Luke. 3. He wrote 27% of the New Testament (37,933 words), followed by Paul who wrote 24% (32,407 words). What was Luke's occupation? Luke. ... How many did Luke write. Which famous missionary did Luke travel and teach with? 3.) They are just letters to people. Which two books of the New Testament did Luke write? Luke’s responsible for 37,932 Greek words, which means he wrote more than 6% of the Bible. Luke 1:3-4. And Hebrews wasn't Paul's. Nov 3, 2019. With condolences to Paul’s fan club: it turns out Luke wrote a lot more. Let’s start by recognising that the gospels were originally anonymous and that they were not attributed to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John until later in the second century. What are his epistles? Galatians & The Acts Luke & Colossians Luke & The Acts Colossians & Galatians. Find answers now! You’ve probably heard someone say that Paul wrote half of your New Testament. fisherman physician tax collector soldier Colossians 4:14. 28%.