;) That’s why I used a recipe shortcut so it could be a easier. That is a good question because I have thought the same thing for years. I have never been satisfied with store bought or ranch dressing recipes. That's why restaurant dressing always has a thinner consistancy, especially with Ranch. I should probably call this semi-homemade ranch dressing, but whatever you want to call it, it’s delicious, easy, creamy and a darn good ranch! Some restaurants use bottled shelf-stable dressings. Not only does the restaurant use ranch as a … Posted by TigersHuskers on 11/25/17 at 1:20 am to Walt OReilly bro, a bunch of the the guys are coming over to pound beers and watch football tomorrow. Ranch goes great with veggies, including carrots, broccoli, celery, peppers, and much more. This one is thick, fresh tasting and doesn't have that mayonnaise flavor. Tastes very similar to that dressing from that famed aussie steak restaurant if you add paprika and cayenne to it. The store bought kind always have an after taste and I don't like it. Hope you like it. The stuff is like powdered milk, they just reconstitute it. This Ranch Dressing is not only fast to make but it is used with and in so many different foods. I used to work in a restaurant and we always made our own. What tastes good with Copycat Outback Ranch Dressing? I ended up using ranch salad dressing seasoning to save on some time, but everything else is homemade. twisted RAnCh in St. Louis, MO was founded on a deep, passionate, perhaps excessive, love for ranch dressing. These packets primarily contain salt, powdered buttermilk, and some herbs that meant to be mixed with milk, buttermilk, mayo, or sour cream and spices to improve the taste. Why ranch dressing is the new condiment of choice for millennials and Gen Z. The only thing I kind think of is that the restaurants make it fresh and the store bought stuff has extra chemicals in it to make it last. Why is the restaurant ranch dressing is so good? However, more often than not, they use the powdered ranch packet mix, typically the Hidden Valley brand.. This is my own recipe and I had a party and served it with fresh veggies and it got rave reviews. Hayden claims that Allen was the driving force behind building a restaurant with 27 different flavors of house-made ranch dressing. re: Why is ranch dressing so good on everything?