promoting personal, comprehensive and continuing care for the individual and the family in the context of the community and society; promoting equity through the equitable treatment, inclusion and meaningful advancement of all groups of people, particularly women and girls, in the context of all health care and other societal initiatives; encouraging and supporting the development of academic organizations of general practitioners/family physicians; providing a forum for exchange of knowledge and information between Member Organizations and between general practitioners/family physicians; and, representing the policies and the educational, research and service provision activities of general practitioners/family physicians to other world organizations and forums concerned with health and medical care, Dr Montague O Kent-Hughes (Deceased), Australia.1972-1974, Donald I Rice CM MD, (Deceased),Canada. Founded in 1972, WONCA, the World Organization of Family Doctors, is an international organization committed to improving the quality of life in rural communities around the globe and providing a forum for exchange of knowledge. He was President of the WONCA Asia Pacific Region from 2007 to 2013 and a member at large of the WONCA World Executive from 2013 to 2016.see full bio He was elected as President Elect of WONCA in November 2016 and took office as President in November 2018. WONCA now has 118 Member Organizations in 131 countries and territories with membership of about 500,000 family doctors and more than 90 per cent of the world’s population. WONCA represents and acts as an advocate for its constituent members at an international level where it interacts with world bodies such as the World Health Organization, with whom it has official relations as a non-governmental organization and is engaged in a number of collaborative projects. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. "WONCA." The Chief Executive Officer is a member of Executive. Abu Dhabi, UAE. WONCA's short name is World Organization of Family Doctors. The WONCA World Secretariat has transferred from Singapore to Bangkok, in November 2012. The Council comprises the representatives of member organizations and the officers of WONCA. ... 2020, the full registration fee will be reimbursed (less USD 75 refund charge). WONCA's short name is World Organization of Family Doctors. Yangon, Myanmar. In 2012, Dr Alfred Loh,as retiring CEO of WONCA, wrote a report on activities from 2001-2012. 29 Nov. 2020. WONCA's Council appoints a number of committees every time they meet. WONCA is the World Organization of Family Doctors, with 118 Member Organizations representing over 500,000 family doctors in over 130 countries and territories around the world, and working in partnership with the World Health Organisation. Sydney, Australia What is WONCA's mission? 100% cancellation charges will be applied for cancellations received after October 25, 2020. The Mission of WONCA is to improve the quality of life of the peoples of the world through defining and promoting its values, including respect for universal human rights and including gender equity, and by fostering high standards of care in general practice/family medicine by: Download WONCA by-laws CEO Final report October 2012.pdf Web. WONCA is an unusual, yet convenient acronym comprising the first five initials of the World Organization of National Colleges, Academies and Academic Associations of General Practitioners/Family Physicians. These groups comprise hundreds of family doctors who meet three yearly, sometimes more often, and in between work by correspondence. Register for WONCA 2020 – the 23 rd World Conference of Family Doctors and enjoy this unique opportunity to interact with highly renowned experts in family medicine. . 09 Apr-12 Apr, 2022 Asia Pacific region conference 2022. WONCA has seven regions, each of which has their own regional Council and run their own regional activities including conferences. WHO publications of particular relevance to Primary Care, List of WONCA statutory committees and their members, Working Parties, Special Interest Groups and Young Doctors' movements. Email for full details. The Council elects an Executive Committee that consists of the President, President-Elect, three Members-at-Large, and a Regional President from each of the seven regions (Africa, Asia Pacific, East Mediterranean, Europe, Iberoamericana, North America, and South Asia). Professor Barbara Starfield championed the value and need of strong primary health care systems worldwide. Maybe you were looking for one of these abbreviations: WON - WON BASS - WONA - WONB - WONC - WOND - WONDEA - WONDER - WONDERFUL - WONE This includes eight organizations in collaborative relations with WONCA. Download WONCA organisational policies. Evidence on the value of primary health care, © World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA), Mental Health Bulletin from Chris Dowrick, President’s reminder about the ‘30 by 2030’ campaign, Guest Feature by John Wynn-Jones: Health and Wellbeing, Indigenous & Minority Groups Health Issues, Emerging Practice Models for Family Medicine, Migrant Care, Int Health & Travel Medicine, Quaternary Prevention & Overmedicalization, Professor Michael Boland - RIP March 25, 2020, Prof Michael (Micky) Weingarten : (1947-2018), Roger Rosenblatt M.D., M.P.H., M.F.R. There are some 21 members in the Academic membership category, which consists of Academic Departments of Family Medicine. WONCA is governed by a World Council that meets once every two to three years just before the world conference. WONCA's short name is World Organization of Family Doctors. The World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) is a not-for-profit organization and was founded in 1972 by member organizations in 18 countries. In 2001, Prof Wes Fabb, as retiring CEO of WONCA, wrote a 20 year perspective of WONCA. WONCA is an organization in official collaborative relations with the World Health Organization (WHO) representing family doctors and family medicine. Simply fill in the Personal Data Form and a password will be sent to you. WONCA conducts its work through its statutory committees, Working Parties, and Special Interest Groups (SIGs). In 2013 a young doctor member was added. 01 Jun-04 Jun, 2022 Europe region conference 2022. WONCA World conference 2021. World Organisation of National Colleges Academies (and Academic Associations of General Practitioners/Family Physicians; the short form is World Organization of Family Doctors), World Organisation of National Colleges and Academies, World Organization of National Colleges Academies, World Organisation of National Colleges Academies, World Organisation of National Colleges Academies and academic associations of general practitioners / family physicians, WON - WON BASS - WONA - WONB - WONC - WOND - WONDEA - WONDER - WONDERFUL - WONE. b) Associate Membership is for national organizations or a group of national organizations which are representative of general practitioners/family physicians of that country or those countries not seeking WONCA Full Membership, or which are deemed by the WONCA Council not to fulfill the requirements for Full Membership. 26 Oct-29 Oct, 2023 WONCA World conference 2023. 1974-1976, Dr Stuart J Carne, CBE, United Kingdom. 1976-1978, Dr Edward Kowalewski (Deceased), USA.1978-1980, Dr Arthur Hofmans (Deceased), Netherlands. Membership of WONCA. This collection emphasizes the case for primary care and includes a number of Barbara Starfield's own articles as well as other key related material. The World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) is a global not-for-profit professional organization representing family physicians and general practitioners from all regions of the world.