Check Price on Amazon . 60% Upvoted. Using these hardwood smoker pellets would bring a smoky, woodsy flavor to your meat. Can I try the wood pellets or will I start a fire? For the record, the following video will show you exactly how to get it going with a torch, and give you an idea of how this product works: Conclusion. This wet wood vs. dry wood debate is one that has raged on for ages. Let's look at tips and tricks for a successful smoke. share. I've actually been wondering the same thing. Pellets are specifically designed for use in pellet smokers and can cause wild variances in temperature if used in your Masterbuilt electric smoker. Wood chip tray: In most models, the electric heater is surrounded by a wood chip tray, where wood chunks from selected hardwood varieties slowly burn and produce smoke. report. Avoid using wood chunks, electric smoker pellets or wood chips with the bark still on them. Outdoor cooking has never been better! The raw materials are from 100% natural hardwoods that’s why it creates fine-flavored foods. I don't normally soak wood chips but I do in this smoker. Shop wood chips, pellets, and bisquettes for your BBQ grill or smoker. Once you've chosen your favorite flavor wood chips and whether or not to purchase a wood chip smoker box, a smoker, or to try it out with an aluminum foil bag, you are ready to begin smoking! But, here's my concern. Masterbuilt recommends soaking the wood chips. 7 comments. I am totally new to this. Ron_L is correct they are just wood. save. Chefs can use a wide variety of woods … Got the smoker as a gift and also a bag of applewood wood pellets. Can I use Wood Pellets in a Masterbuilt 30 electric smoker? hide. This thread is archived . I'm not sure the reasoning there but they do. About a quarter of the way into the smoking process, an electric smoker chef can add cups of wood chips, chunks, or pellets to the heating zone (sometimes called a firebox). Bark makes great fuel for a campfire but not for smoking meat. You don’t have to use their pellets, and it is designed so that you can use pellets or sawdust, but just bear in mind this might affect smoke time. Wood chips help form the basis of any good smoking cook-off, but one debate that never seems to go away is whether or not you should soak your wood chips before smoking. Chips, even soaked in water, will burn up pretty fast, create smoke, and then disappear. You can easily use these pellets to any gas, charcoal or electric outdoor cooker. There are no artificial flavors or chemicals added to the pellets. Wood Chips . Shop online with Ship to Home or pick up from one of 500+ stores. If you are not smoking for a very long period, or if you only want a small amount of smoke flavor, then go with chips. #2 Grilling With Wood Chips On Charcoal. Reading through the manual it says to use wood chips only. That being said you can't soak wood pellets so I'm not sure what would happen. Chips are very small pieces of wood that are great for short, quick bursts of smoke.