The definition of the word ‘Pachadi’ is different among different South Indian regions. Vegetable in curd. Traditionally, Moru Curry is made with Grated Coconut so that the curry has thickness. Kerala Style Pachadi. Cook till the cucumber becomes soft… Ingredients. Cuisine: Kerala: Prep Time: 20 minutes: Servings: people. Heat oil in a pan and add cubed cucumber, sliced small onion,green chilli, ginger and salt. This summer, my aunt gave me some home-grown Squash.It is a variety of Cucumber similar to Sambar Cucumber (See the last pic). Votes: 1 Rating: 4 You: Rate this recipe! Add 1/2 – 3/4 cup water. Although this mildly-spiced dish is popular in all the five regions of South India, pachadi witnesses some difference in the recipe everywhere. If the Curd used is sour, vegetables or fruits are added to reduce the sourness. While in Kerala and Tamilnadu, pachadi is sidedish curry similar to north Indian Raita, in Andhra Pradesh, pachadi is analogous to Indian pickles and is … As per her suggestion, I decided to make Moru (Yogurt) Curry with the Squash. In Andra, pachadis are different compared to the ones made in Tamilnadu and Kerala. Pachadi refers to a traditional South Indian side-dish. Stir it for 2 mins. Sometimes, even the peels of the vegetables are used to prepare pachadi. Raw mango/Cucumber/Chayote squash(cut … by jayashis August 15, 2002. written by jayashis August 15, 2002. Print Recipe. Pachadi is a common dish in India's southern states of Tamilnadu and Kerala.Pachadi is very similar to north Indian raita except that the vegetable is cooked and coconut is added to it.